Worms disease


Modern medicine has proved that many diseases, which at first glance can not be connected with worms, develop precisely because of the presence of helminths in the human body. The danger is that not always in the presence of parasites, characteristic symptoms will appear.

Often, it is perceived as a symptom of diseases of various organs. A person can be uselessly treated for a very long time from a non-existent disease, but after passing the antiparasitic course, he is cured at a speed.

Ways of infection by parasites

Worms can penetrate the body in various ways, and here are a few basic ones:
Geohelminthiases – enter the body of the carrier through the soil, which contains eggs of worms that have landed in the ground along with excrements of people or animals, also due to even insignificant contact with animals and by ingestion of eggs on edible products, the carriers of which are insects.
Contact – parasites pass from people to each other, here we are talking about pinworms, the most common form of helminths.

Biohelminthiases – they can be infected with malnutrition, namely, abuse of raw, semi-salty or not completely processed fish or meat products.

Important! Some species of helminths affect a person after an insect bite.
Most often a person becomes infected with worms by oral-fecal means, that is, when eggs of parasites enter the body together with drinking water or food.

Through the soil

After each interaction with sand or soil, it is necessary to carefully handle the hands, and remove dirt from under the nails. It is safer to wear very short nails, this is especially true for children. Before eating food that grows in the soil, they need not only to wash, but it is desirable to pour boiling water.

Infection with worms through the soil

Children are highly susceptible to parasite infection due to interaction with street animals, or pets that walk on the street. From the animal you can catch absolutely any kind of worms.
Important! Also carriers of parasites are flies that carry helminth eggs

From a person to person

Pinworms are very easy to get in touch with. An adult can lay a few thousand eggs a night. They are deposited in the area of the anus, and this causes very severe itching. The person in the sleep brushes, and the eggs fall on their hands, bed linen, clothes, and other household items, to which he touches.

Parasite infestation with handshakes

In the form of an effective cure for worms, parasitologists are advised to take the drug “Intoxic”. At the heart of the funds are the acting elements of exclusively natural origin, they were grown only in places with 100% pure ecology, and have a proven effect that allows them to quickly cope with any kinds of worms.

Thus, a huge part of the eggs remains on all surfaces, and if a healthy person does not wash his hands with soap before eating, they will enter his body through the esophagus.

Through the water

A lot of eggs of parasites fall into open reservoirs. That is why people living in villages and villages are highly prone to infection with worms. It is very important to boil water taken in wells or springs. Bathing in open water is also very dangerous because of the high probability of involuntary ingestion of this water into the stomach.

It is the children that are particularly affected by helminth infection. This is due primarily to their susceptibility to the development of parasites, because of the weak developed protective barrier of the body, and also because of the low level of acidity of the stomach, in contrast to the adult. Very often, children take in mouth various objects, do not remember the need to observe hygiene, so the risk of invasion of healthy family members, in which there are kids, is very large.

Parasites and open reservoirs

  • None of the species of parasites can not be in the body of the carrier indefinitely. Each species has a certain life cycle, after which end, the individuals die.
  • Pinworms will not live even a month, ascarids can remain in the body for a whole year.
    Eggs that have been put aside leave the body either with faeces, or fall on the skin near the anus.
  • Getting into the environment, they ripen and again penetrate into the body of the carrier, continuing to parasitize there.

The increase in the number of adult parasites in the intestine is more likely with repeated infection, when the eggs again get through the esophagus into the body. When it comes to infection with pinworms, you can avoid repeated invasion by observing strict rules of personal hygiene.