Warts removing


Removing warts – an effective procedure to eliminate unpleasant outgrowths from the skin. Generally warts – is papilliform growths localized on the skin and mucous membranes of humans. Externally, they resemble warts and require complex treatment and timely removal.

Why warts removal should be carried out as soon as possible?

Removing warts warts appear as a consequence of the introduction into the body of human papilloma virus, which causes the appearance of skin benign tumors that can degenerate into cancerous tumors. Therefore, the removal of warts – a necessary stage of quality and professional treatment condylomatosis.

   There are these education often after sexual contact or other contact with a virus and are located mostly in the area of ​​the genital organs, the mouth, the anus.

  Adopted share these papillary formation on the skin for several types:

  1. genital (genital warts): look like pink buds on a thin stalk, located on the genitals, in the anus, sometimes on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity;
  2. wide: resemble fungal growths, considered one of the symptoms of the second period of syphilis.

Removal of warts in a medical facility:

Warts – is fundamentally dangerous disease requiring early treatment. Removing warts often occur in the genital area and the anus, where education tend to be injured during the act of defecation, burst, ulcerate and bleed, causing itching and burning. In addition, warts multiply very quickly and can cause cervical dysplasia and cancer status, directly threatening human life.

   Therefore, the removal of warts is recommended only in a timely manner and in a health institution. Self-medication can be dangerous!

Common methods of removing warts:

Remove warts – not to get rid of the virus within the body. Treatment requires a more comprehensive approach – in addition to the use of surgical and chemical methods and even special anti-viral drugs, immunomodulatory agents.

Modern specialists conduct the removal of warts, applying the following:

Chemical cauterization. The composition of cauterizing agents include strong acids that cause the death of warts, scab formation, that after treatment on their own is eliminated. Removal of warts by this method is suitable for the treatment of small clusters.

Cryosurgery (impact on the warts with liquid nitrogen). Nitrogen condyloma freezes, after which it falls away to form a minor wounds, the healing during the next 10 days.

Laser therapy. Under the influence of the laser beam are removed by evaporation warts cells to form scar tissue weakly expressed. It is recommended to combine this method with drug therapy and start treatment condylomatosis it with him.

Electrocoagulation (impact on warts high frequency electric current). It is carried out using a special electric knife. Abnormal tissues are burned to form a scab, falling off on their own after a few weeks of treatment. This method is painful and requires local anesthesia.

Radio wave therapy. With this technique removes warts high frequency radio waves, resulting in abnormal tissue begin to give off heat, damaging effects on the warts themselves. Radio wave exposure minimally traumatize the skin and does not leave scars, painless.

None of these treatments can not guarantee the absolute removal of warts. Warts is always easier to prevent by practicing safe sex and intelligibility in sexual relations. Health – a priceless gift, which you want to treat accordingly.