Toxemia – is a fairly common condition in pregnant women, accompanied by nausea and retching. There is due to poisoning by toxins and other harmful substances produced in pregnant women in the development of the fetus.

Toxemia during pregnancy

  • It can also lead to the appearance of many symptoms, the most considered a permanent disorders of the central nervous system, cardiovascular system and metabolism. How long is toxemia of pregnancy, and so much going on symptoms.

There are several degrees of toxicity:

  1. The first – the urge to vomit there are infrequent, up to 5 times. Losing weight is negligible up to 3 kg;
  2. The second – 10 times vomiting, and weight loss can be 3-4 kg for a two-week period, which may lead to a lowering of blood pressure;
  3. Third – prolonged and frequent vomiting, reaching up to 25 times a day, there is a significant weight loss – more than 10 kg, the temperature rises and quickens the pulse.

On what term appears toxemia?

  • Many women are trying to determine the absence or presence of pregnancy on the contrary, and begin to listen to your body, and each change it. Not every woman knows when it can begin toxemia of pregnancy. Doctors put the following time frame:
  • Early morning sickness may begin in the first days of delay or 5-6 weeks of pregnancy. And ends with morning sickness in early pregnancy to 13-14 weeks, but may be completed earlier, each case is individual.

Manifestations of late toxicosis begins on the last trimester of pregnancy, and sometimes in the middle of the second trimester, which is much more dangerous to the fetus and mother.

Signs of toxicity in pregnant women:

  • As soon as the child is conceived, the body begins to adjust future moms rhythm of the room: the very mother and baby. From the first time that a woman begins to experience the discomfort called toxemia. How to deal with it, can be found on the forum, where every mom shares her secret.
  • The first woman manifests irritability, drooling, loss of appetite, nausea, weakness, drowsiness, changes in taste buds, vomiting and weight loss. Very rarely in early toxicosis can observe the development of dermatitis, asthma, osteomalacia – softening of bone substance, tetany – spasmodic manifestations of skeletal muscle. Signs of severe toxicity appear regardless of whether someone is waiting for mom: a boy or a girl. Symptoms of toxicity may occur and missed abortion, which can be distinguished by the absence of fetal movements and heart rate.

What to do when toxemia?

Eleven helps to maintain good health of the future mother.

There are contraindications. Talk to your doctor.

The most dangerous and unpleasant symptoms of toxicity as the first trimester and the third:
Gag reflex in pregnant women.

Vomiting – this is one of the most striking manifestations of toxicity in the late and early pregnancy. Most often vomiting is active for 20 weeks, and the sooner it is started, the harder it flows. There are several degrees of gravity of the gag reflex in pregnant:

Slight nausea and vomiting, a minor amount that is not more than 5 times a day, usually after meals. Status of women without any changes, weight loss is about 3 kg, but no more.

Retching increase to 10 times a day, regardless of meals, and weight loss in 2 weeks, may already be up to 3 kg and above. The state of health of the pregnant woman is much worse: there is weakness, increased heart rate, and blood pressure is reduced.

There is excessive vomiting, which can be up to 25 times per day. Such transient process leads to dehydration and rapid weight loss (more than 10 kg.). Temperature rises, there is halitosis, quickens the pulse, blood pressure drops and the woman becomes inhibited. In some cases kidney damage and prolonged vomiting, which has become a life-threatening moms, doctors recommend abortion.