Toenails health

Strong and fat fingernails, which are very rarely broken – it is a dream of any woman! But sometimes Mother Nature takes place in this case, a sense of humor. The nails are strong, even scissors can not always cope … but, alas, on the feet! It’s a shame, a shame, but we have something to do with it!

  • Why legs thickened nails? It looks like this, to say the least unattractive, creates certain inconveniences. Wearing open shoes becomes a problem. Furthermore, such nails on often appear cracks, grooves, bumps, and increased risk of infection.

Often the cause thickening of the nail is a genetic predisposition. Look at the nails mother and grandmother. If they constantly suffer this problem, perhaps there is a tendency and you. To prevent this, treat your legs carefully. Do not force them uncomfortable and tight shoes, make regular quality pedicure, treat nails nutrient media and do not forget about multivitamins.


Sometimes the nails thicken because of injuries. For example, if you accidentally hurt yourself badly toe or, God forbid, break it, it may happen that the nail for a while will be thicker than usual. But as a rule, it is not a cause for concern: over time, be sure to pass!

  • Much worse when the cause thickening of the toenails become a fungal infection. Recognize it is possible and in the home. If the nail plate was not only thicker, but also changed its color from pale pink to unhealthy yellow or gray, on its surface grooves and cracks appeared, as well as deformed – this is a serious cause for treatment to the dermatologist! If the diagnosis is confirmed, the specialist will prescribe a treatment suited to the type and stage of the disease. However, it should be patient – the process will last at least several months. But then again you can flaunt well-groomed heels and perfect pedicure!
  • Other, less common causes deformation of the nail plate, are the following:
  1. Onychodystrophy – non-communicable disease state of nails, associated with changes in metabolism and lack of vitamins and trace elements. This case requires consultation physician or endocrinologist.
  2. Psoriasis, rheumatism, gout, diabetes mellitus. In these cases the blood flow stops, leading to unpleasant consequences such as thickening of the nail plate. In this case, first of all, it eliminates the root cause (i.e., disease itself).
  • Thus, if one day you find that your toenails become thicker than usual, the most reasonable solution would be to appeal to the doctor. Ignore this problem should not be, because it is fraught with unpleasant complications. For example, when wearing shoes deformed nail permanently compressed, the adjacent fingers are injured. This in turn leads to inflammatory processes, and there to infection at hand! Therefore we advise you to be very attentive to their own health – the most important values ​​in life all of us!
  • Take care of yourself!