The program of training on the terrain


The program of training on the terrain.

When we begin to engage in sports, we make your body muscular and fit. But the months passed and there comes disappointment of training, because muscle like and is, and is not beautiful and toned body.

  • Do not be discouraged, begin to engage in the program of training on the terrain.
    Let’s see, what is the relief of the body and how to achieve a good result. Firstly, we must remember that the body was a relief, for starters, we need to remove the layer of fat, which are hidden under the muscles, i.e, we need to dry.

If you do not have the muscles, then do not even think to start work on a relief. We need to start at least one year of active physical exercise. Otherwise, you can just lose the muscles which worked so hard pumped.

Remember that training on the relief and mass are fundamentally different. Therefore, the training will be completely different than before.

Now training will consist of power and cardio. When weight gain workout usually go 3-4 times a week, and do you have the body of a relief every day. And in those days, when if you have given strength training, will now be cardio. In short – it is aerobic exercise, exercise on a treadmill, stationary bike, jumping rope, swimming, etc. As regards weight, it must be reduced by increasing the number of repetitions. For example, before you do 6-8 reps, you will now need to do 12-15. Breaks in the exercises remain unchanged. For drying the body is great circuit training and kamping.

The purpose of training on the terrain – the maximum squeeze out of myself, as they say to sweat “rained hail.”

The program of training on the relief:

Monday (legs and shoulders):
1. Leg press in the simulator;
2. Squats;
3. Vyshagivanie;
4. Rise on your toes while standing;
5. Breeding dumbbells standing in the slope;
6. Bench standing dumbbell;
7. Curl.

40 min from cardio-1.30ch.

Environment (triceps and chest):
1. Bench rod on an incline bench;
2. Squeezing;
3. Breeding of dumbbells lying;
4. Extension arms with a dumbbell because of the head;
5. Bench down in the simulator;
6. Vertical bench in the simulator;
7. Raising the legs in the vise.

40 min from cardio-1.30ch.

Friday (biceps and back):
1. Pulling;
2. Deadlift;
3. The horizontal thrust in the simulator;
4. Raising the bar to a biceps standing;
5. curls with dumbbells grip “the hammer”;
6. The vertical thrust his head ;.
7. Planck.