Sufa on the cheeks


Many young women can be such a nuisance as painting bags on the cheeks, called differently the sofas. This pathology can easily wear out at least ten years, and it occurs quite often. This impromptu fat bag is about the zygomatic bone. This trouble is not considered a disease, but rather, a cosmetic problem. As a result of the formation of fat spoils expression, giving it a tired and sad look. It is necessary to understand the causes of this disease and how to get rid of it.

Sufa on the cheeks can be formed in early childhood and can be a feature of the anatomical structure of the face. The reasons because of which there is this pathology are quite diverse:

  • swelling with inflammatory origin;
  • melting for various reasons, subcutaneous fat, which is located in the tear path, whereby the tear becomes deeper depression, making bags zygomatic visually more prominent;
  • birth surplus circular muscles of the eye.

Over time, as the skin of the face begin to stretch and violated their elasticity, there is omission of the soft facial tissues, leading to the formation of bags on the cheeks. Such sufa have a distinct lower boundary, which runs along nososkulovoy groove and prevents fatty tissue on slide down.

  • In his youth, the skin has excellent elasticity, although the cheeks is the necessary amount of adipose tissue. When the skin begins to sag and decrepit, it is a shift of adipose tissue, leading to the formation of paint bags, which are presented in the photo.
  • Since the reasons for the formation of bags on the cheeks practically not related to the clinical picture of an illness, so get rid of them should be on an outpatient basis in specialized clinics and salons, and do it at home is not realistic.

Ways to get rid of bags of paint on the cheeks

Injections diprospana

Before and after removal of the bags on the way to deal with skulahTakoy bags on the face intended for young people. Diprospan is a hormonal drug that plastic surgeons use to remove scars. In this case, it prevents degradation of the fatty tissue and reduces its volume. At the same time the formation of the fold starts to decrease, and the terrain roughness is smoothed.

Such a method should be used very carefully, because the volume of the tissue decreases with age, and the use of diprospana thins it even more. Incorrectly calculated the dose can lead to irregularities in this area, as a result of the face will look very unsightly.


This method is used in conjunction with other procedures, carried out on the face, such as:

  • lower eyelid blepharoplasty;
  • lifting and plastic midface, and other operations.

As well as injection diprospana, mikroliposaktsiya helps to remove fat in the cheeks and prevents it from sagging over the fold. Keep in mind that liposuction has a traumatic impact and therefore leads to the formation of fibrosis. With this fat becomes too loose, practically attracts water and swells.


  • This method is effective only in the case where the swelling newly formed and not too much emphasized. Termoliftinga advantage lies in the simplicity and safety of the procedure and the absence of recovery period.
  • With the help of a special preparation is the impact on adipose tissue, as a result, it is sealed, the skin is pulled through this, it is not as loose and practically does not absorb moisture.


Such a method is surgery. That’s why he has a number of contraindications to it should be prepared beforehand, and postoperative care needs. But there is a blepharoplasty is a positive side: with the help of this procedure by painting bags can be eliminated forever.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia, which lasts about 30 minutes. The rehabilitation period lasts no more than two weeks. It should be noted that after this procedure, there may be swelling and bruising around the eyes. These side effects will disappear after the recovery period.