Slim figure and a pleasant appearance

Slim figure and a pleasant appearance
Slim figure and a pleasant appearance

Beauty, a slim figure and a pleasant appearance – all this requires effort and investment.

However, staying slim is not so difficult, even if you are terribly lazy, you just have to:

1. Have sexual act regularly. When you make love, calories are burned at a rate of 200 calories per hour, which is equivalent to a 15-minute run. Pulse rises from 70 to 150 – as well as the running man. In general, sex is very useful for the body as a whole – it strengthens the immune system, the body gets rid of toxins and dangerous substances, the very sexual excitement increases the flow of blood and oxygen, which is contained in it, helps drive out bad cholesterol.

2. Turn off the TV – it is lying on the couch in front of the screen often leads to excess weight. The fact is that in the body of a man who loves to just turn over from side to side for hours and click on the buttons of the remote from the TV, there is pressure on the cells, which contributes to the formation of fats. If you still can not deny yourself this pleasure, then at least periodically you need to get up and walk. And ideally, also do isometric exercises for the press for 30 seconds.

For example, here is one of them: lie on your back, hands rest on the floor, straighten and lift your legs. Strain for 5-10 seconds, then relax. In the next approach, along with the arms and legs and the upper back, stretch out your arms in front of you. During the exercise, look ahead. By the way, this exercise will significantly improve digestion.

3. Remove excess fat from food. You can not live without consuming fat at all. But to get rid of excess fat is just what you need. Blot excess fat with a normal napkin from pizza, hamburger, sausage or a piece of meat – this will reduce the fat content in the snack by at least 14%.

4. Go to the store with the mind! Once in the supermarket, try to keep the outskirts, where there are vegetables and fruits, and do not approach the various delicacies. Even if you are not very hungry, they can cause an appetite and lead to a new centimeter at the waist.

5. Kissing! A lot, often and with pleasure. It has long been proven that 30 facial muscles work during the kiss. That is, the more you kiss, the later you will have wrinkles and other flaws in your face. Also, kisses stimulate the immune system, because when saliva is exchanged immunity triggers processes to detect bacterial agents. And even kissing reduces the risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol.

As for weight loss, that one kiss burns 12 kcal. That is, three passionate kisses a day burn a kilogram!

6. To pause while eating. Your stomach needs time to “realize” the amount eaten and give a signal to the brain about satiety. When we eat quickly and without stopping, we skip this signal and in the end we overeat.

7. Open the windows at night – sleep best in a cool room, because then the body will produce more brown fat instead of white fat cells, and the body begins to actively burn calories to keep warm.

8. Observe the rule of small portions. Dietary nutrition with short breaks is considered by nutritionists to be the best for weight loss without stress. By controlling portions, you reduce your food intake by 300 kcal per day and lose half a kilo in 2 weeks. Eat greasy – it’s useful! And for weight loss, and for the heart.

9. Drink more water. It is especially useful to drink water 15-20 minutes before a meal. To drink it is necessary 2 glasses of pure water. At the same time, it is not worth while to drink while eating, and the first sip after eating can be done in two hours. Also after a meal you can drink coffee and tea, but without snacks. This simple trick helps to lose up to 5-8 kg in two weeks.

10. Smile! A good mood greatly affects weight loss. When depression in the body increases the production of the stress hormone cortisol, from which the body draws a conclusion – it’s time to stock up fat. Also from cortisol suffer the arteries on which the internal fat settles, and the press.

By the way, according to American researchers, sincere laughter burns from 10 to 50 calories per minute. 10-15 minutes of daily laughter will “destroy” up to 50 calories. Laughter to some extent can replace aerobics, because laughing, a person exhales a lot of oxygen, which stimulates the work of the heart and the circulation of blood in the body. In addition, during giggling, there is a massage of the internal organs, which allows them to work more effectively.