Skin on the feet

How to soften the skin of the feet?

About footcare say much, but understand the importance of this care is not all: people think that their feet and heels are not worthy of attention or deserve it at the last turn.

Meanwhile, on the feet a lot of biologically active points and nerve endings – acting on them, you can enhance and restore your health, however, when the skin is rough and cracked, making it almost impossible.

The skin of the feet should be softer to make – for example, by means of baths of herbal decoctions.

Good softens skin following extract: chamomile, birch leaves and mint are mixed in equal parts, pour 5 tablespoons a mixture of boiling water (2-3 liters) and insist about an hour; filter, add warm water, dipped his feet in the infusion and take bath for 20-25 minutes.

After the bath roughened areas gently rub a pumice stone, foot nourishing cream smeared, and to problem areas apply compresses of lemon peel – it softens the skin and heals wounds and cracks.

It is more convenient to do this procedure before going to bed, and leave the wrap on all night.
And one more inexpensive universal recipe. Glycerin is mixed 1: 1 with ammonia, and rub this mixture in the morning and evening in the knees, elbows and feet – the skin will become soft and pink.