Skin Health


With the onset of cold weather our skin needs to have a different care. Today we decided to talk about cosmetic products, which is make up products and which beauticians must have.

The total moisture.

  • At low temperatures, especially, moisture-affected skin function. In the cold air humidity is low, since all the moisture turns into ice phase. Inside this situation is it not much different, since the heaters of the air are as dry as the desert. In such conditions, the skin loses moisture rapidly. In addition, when entering the street slows the circulation in the upper layers of the skin: because of the cold compress capillaries to keep warm for the internal organs. It turns out that the skin can not replenish the supply of liquid, so it becomes extremely dry. Salvation – in moisturizing creams and foods, saturated oils. Remember that winter moisturizing creams should only be used indoors, the best – at night. Ideal moisturizing cream biphasic “plantain and mother-and-stepmother”. To increase the effectiveness of the product under ispolzovatKrem moisturizing cream can be a two-phase “plantain and mother-and-stepmother” Serum – Intensive firming and moisturizing care “Chestnut and honey”. Cosmetic means in the morning should be applied no less than 20-30 minutes before going outside. In temperate latitudes appropriate moisturizing cream daily with UV filters, “Sage and wild rose,” but when severe frosts should be used with an excess of vegetable oils.

Protect your skin from the frost.

  • Some beauticians recommend to apply the cream every winter morning, which at another time of the year is used for the night. The fact that the funds that are abundantly “flavored” oils protect the skin against damage from freezing weather. Freezing oils virtually unattainable in the real world, but the moisture already at 0 ° C is transformed into micro-crystals of ice that irritate the skin and cause microdamages. It is clear that salvation lies in protective products, saturated oils. It can be a night cream (eg Regenerating Night Cream “borage and lavender,” nourishing cream “Pine nuts and sea buckthorn oil”). In addition, on top of the usual day cream, you can use a protective balm for the face and hands from the cold weather with a French goose fat. Balm contains no water, so do not traumatize the skin and does not evaporate precious moisture.

Soothing intensive care for very sensitive skin “Sunflower and lavender”.

  • Note that the winter people with sensitive skin often suffer from peeling, redness and irritation. When these symptoms will help Serum – soothing intensive care for very sensitive skin “of sunflowers and lavender.” Serum can be used morning and night before applying the cream.
Take care of your body.

It would seem – a paradox: in winter the skin of the body is protected from the external environment, but becomes unbearably dry! According to statistics, in the winter, we spend most hot water treatments that dry the skin. In addition, synthetic and woolen clothes accumulate static electricity, which violates the protective properties of the fat plenochki on the surface of the skin, which leads to dryness. To make the skin moisturized and velvety note the detergent. Moisturizing shower gel “Honey and Lavender” moisturizing shower gel “Honey and lavender can be used in the shower, and as a bubble bath. After a pleasant procedure, do not rub the skin with a towel, but only blot excess moisture, and then, on a slightly damp surface, apply lotion moisturizing body “course and sea buckthorn.” Milk has an antibacterial and soothing effect, so give comfort in the hard winter. Do not forget about a relaxing massage with oils. Massage Oil “Sweet almonds and wheat germ” strengthens the lipid the balance of the skin, gouged, restores the damage. Remember that massage movements is not only a positive effect on the emotional sphere, but also normalize and stimulate blood flow. So the skin gets enough moisture and nutrients to maintain healthy function and excellent appearance.