Silver Jewelry


Jewelry made of silver – good for the body

  • A metal like silver is known to people since ancient times. Items of trade from silver, found in the Near East, according to estimates of archaeologists, were made more than 6 thousand years. From the alloy of gold and silver, the world’s first coins were made.
  • For several millennia, silver, together with gold and copper, was one of the main coin metals. In addition to silver coins, church ornaments have long been created. The archetypes of the Orthodox Church, everyone will know, even a person far from the Church. Often Orthodox ornaments (the cross, guard ring and others) are made of silver.

Properties of silver:

It has long been known that silver has the ability to quickly and effectively neutralize harmful flora in the human body without causing harm to the beneficial.

Scientists, investigating the properties of silver, found that the causative agents of diseases such as diphtheria, typhoid, pulmonary and intestinal infections do not survive long when placed on silver plates. Even the most resistant typhoid rod can not stand more than a day.

The bactericidal effect of even the minimum concentration of silver ions is argued by interfering with the vital activity of microbes and interfering with the functioning of biological catalysts, that is, enzymes. Interacting with the amino acid cysteine, which is part of most enzymes, silver ions interfere with its normal work.

Extremely surprising is the effectiveness of silver in relation to bacteria: silver kills bacteria 1750 times stronger than carbolic acid, and 3.5 times stronger than furacilin, chlorine, manganese. For comparison, you can take broad-spectrum antibiotics that can kill about 5-10 species of bacteria, then colloidal silver can destroy more than 650 species, besides all useful microorganisms remain alive, because silver is an integral part of the tissues of the human body. In addition, bacteria are not accustomed to the action of silver, as to drugs.

True, there are microbes that do not undergo biocidal action of silver. These include various genetically modified species of Escherichia coli, on products prepared industrially, such as semi-synthetic chips, sausages, and others.

Silver in the human body

Silver, like gold, microscopic doses is present in the human body. If a person experiences inadequate amounts of silver and gold metals, he begins to consume more sweets! So, excessive craving for sweets in humans can be explained by the lack of silver in the body. It should be noted that such people are characterized by haste, fast speech, fussiness, fear of the future. If a person has the above qualities, he should think about buying a gift in the form of a silver product.

Jewelry from silver

In modern days, every woman will be able to find silver jewelry for her own taste, as they are beautiful, stylish, and also able to improve the health of their possessor. Ornaments made of silver have a beneficial effect on the body, relieve tension and fatigue, increase stress resistance. In addition, they are perfectly combined with other accessories. People believers wear silver body images, which are a kind of amulet.

Silver jewelry should be worn for diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular system, urological diseases, visual impairment.