Removing keratitis


Removing deletion of keratitis – an event not a pleasant one, but often it is of fundamental importance not only for health but for life.

The fact that increased solar activity in conjunction with an increase in immune, endocrine disorders, and viral lead to the appearance of the human skin of various benign. One of them is a keratome. Initially, like a large dark freckle, it eventually turns into an ugly dark brown, almost black spot the size of 1-2 centimeters. Such education may be not only single, but also multiple, as a result the patient is forced to carry out the removal of keratitis.

Keratomas appear as a result of prolonged exposure to UV rays on the skin: this is accompanied by some of actinic skin. Since the risk of degeneration into a malignant tumor is large enough, doctors recommend the removal of the mandatory keratitis.

Required removal keratitis with different types of pathology

  There are several varieties of keratitis:

  • senile;
  • seborrheic;
  • horn;
  • solar;
  • follicular.

   They differ in color, location on the body and the degree of danger. Especially to fear seborrheic keratomas: it is often painful, itchy and scaly, often disappears by itself and leaves a bleeding wound.

To avoid this case, the spread of infection, you should see a doctor. Malignant degeneration is most subject to cornea verrucosum – remove it is necessary in the initial stage.

Removing keratitis: Methods

Trying to get rid of the tumors on its own is fraught with unpleasant consequences, as it can only accelerate the risk of degeneration into a malignant tumor growths and even squamous cell carcinoma. This operation should be performed only in hospitals.

Removing keratitis is practiced in the following ways:

  1. surgical excision;
  2. removing with a laser;
  3. cryosurgery (using nitrogen);
  4. radiosurgery;
  5. spark electrocautery.

Most traditional conventional surgical technique using a scalpel. Removing keratitis thus performed under local anesthesia, and superimposed on the place of excision cosmetic suture is removed after a week.

Removing keratitis with modern methods:

   The most effective and common today is laser removal keratitis as:

Remove keratitis with laser first, to the conduct of this operation, there are practically no contra-indications;
Secondly, only one treatment is sufficient and remote keratome not reappear.

When removing cryoablation is performed without anesthesia. During the procedure, the patient feels a slight burning sensation. Cured keratome 7 days is no longer itself, in its place is a pink spot. After several weeks it disappears, leaving no scar.

   Radiosurgery – a non-invasive method of removing keratitis using radionozha. As in the case of a laser, after the procedure is left scars.

With the removal of electrocoagulation keratitis is manufactured using high-frequency current. The rest of the wound after the procedure, with the right care quickly heals without leaving a trace.

Prevention of disease: keratitis removal simply does not need

To avoid the appearance of tumors, should not be abused long sunbathing in direct sunlight. Before entering the hot summer sun is necessary to lubricate the exposed skin barrier cream, because a beautiful bronze tan is not always carries the human body health.

To increase the resistance of the organism eat properly, rest. But if you still found on their skin keratomas, in any case do not try to get rid of them yourself. Removing keratitis should only be an experienced professional – in this case the procedure will take place without unwanted consequences.