“Harmful” products which were proven as useful

  • A well-chosen protein products protect the heart and blood vessels are not worse than the active physical exercise or smoking cessation and salty food. This scientific news are a bit shocking. We all know that foods with more protein rather harmful than useful: any way- in any meat, dairy products and eggs, a lot of bad cholesterol and animal fat, which is very harmful for blood vessels. Only fish on the background of the rest of the high-protein food looks good – it has many beneficial omega-3 fats. Under the influence of such information, many began to abandon animal products at all, becoming a vegetarian. More and more people simply have sharply reduced the consumption of meat, poultry, eggs. And suddenly proteins useful. It seems that the truth, as always, in the middle and the extremes to avoid.

Protein: what amount is needed for the human organism?

  • Emphasis scientists do on the usefulness of a number of specific amino acids – they form an endless chain, from which made large protein molecules. “We found a really amazing thing – wrote in scientific journal” (The Journal of Nutrition) Amy Jennings of the University of East England led a group of scientists who conducted the study. – Consumption of amino acids on blood pressure has a powerful effect that is comparable to such changes in lifestyle, such as high physical activity and avoiding salty or alcohol. And the influence of amino acids on the state of the arterial wall is comparable to smoking cessation. ” Traditionally, amino acids that make up proteins are considered as “bricks” – the building material for our cells. But it turns out, they play many other roles. For example, recently revealed that a number of them weakens the walls of blood vessels. Spicy detail: the mechanism of action they are similar to Viagra – its effect is also reduced to a certain relaxation of the blood vessels. In addition, many “fragments” of a protein consisting of multiple amino acids and are formed after digestion are thin regulators of many processes in the body. And they also reduce pressure.
  • But the most mysterious in the study: animal proteins do arterial wall softer. And it is even more important than reducing the pressure. With age, the walls of blood vessels lose their elasticity and become stiffer. This dramatically increases the likelihood of heart attacks, strokes and other vascular events. And it turns out that animal proteins inhibit. How? Scientists have no answer yet.

To eat or not to eat?

  • Partners and enemies. What products do not fit together optimum ratio of amino acids to protect the vascular wall will provide the usual three meals a day of protein. According to the authors, it can be 75 grams of lean beef or pork, 100 grams of salmon, and 0.5 liters of skimmed milk. If there are problems with the assimilation of milk, it is better to replace the same amount of yogurt, 300 grams of yogurt or cottage cheese 100 grams – the protein content in them is the same, about 15 grams. But replace the sausage meat is not necessary. “Meat can be anything, but it’s better lean, and should never be sausages or other prepared meat products, says the doctor-gastroenterologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences. – Protein – the most expensive component of food, and also save. In these products using special technology introduced water, non-protein fillers and cheap vegetable oils and animal proteins.
  • The latter are usually prepared from offal meat and poultry – skin, collagen and m. P. Firstly, these proteins are absorbed worse, secondly, they have not the set of amino acids. In medicine, they are called inferior. It is often said that there is a lot of protein in nuts and mushrooms. But protein is poorly absorbed in these products and we can not eat a lot of it. But bread, cereals and other grain products provide us the protein in sufficient quantities, though many do not even realize: in 100 grams contain from 5 to 12 grams of protein. It is 1.5-3.5 times less than in meat, but we eat them in large chunks, and therefore get enough protein. The beans and other legumes protein is no better than meat, but there is even more – 22-23 grams per 100 grams, so it also plays an important role. “