Prostatic massage

Prostatic massage for a long period of time is the natural way to deal with inflammation of the prostate. After prostate massage improves blood flow, which, as a consequence, reduces inflammation, relieves pain and discomfort.

   The prostate is the most exposed to disease gland in the male body and is responsible for the removal and the formation of sperm. It is located between the bladder and the rectum. The main reason for violations – physical inactivity and poor diet.

Prostate Massage: why you need it?

Prostate massage is performed in order to obtain from it secret. Along with body secretions purified from bacteria, improves the function of blood circulation and lymph circulation. Massage of the prostate is one of the stages of the treatment of inflammatory processes of the prostate gland and helps the body to better absorb drugs.

  The use of prostate massage is as follows:

  • increased potency;
  • improvement of orgasm;
  • lengthening the time of sexual intercourse;
  • removal of bacteria and germs with the secret of the prostate gland.

Indications for prostate massage:

  • violation of potency;
  • prostatitis chronic nature;
  • analysis of prostate fluid;
  • inflammation of the seminal vesicles.

Prostate Massage: appliances of

   Prostate massage should perform the urologist, because improper massage techniques can cause irreversible changes. The prostate is massaged with the full bladder. This allows you to rinse the urethra after the release prostatic secretions.

Prostate massage in addition, a full bladder creates better conditions for the contact of the prostate with a finger. Prostate massage is performed for one minute. Initially massage right proportion, and then share the left prostate. Pressing force depends on the density of the prostate: the higher the density, the higher the pressing force. The patient should not feel pain if proper massage technique.

Rough prostate massage can lead to swelling that block the urethra. Risk is not worth it, because of urinary retention have consequences. In order to complete a full course of treatment, it is recommended to hold 8 to 12 massage treatments. Frequency – once every two or three days.

   Actions prostate massage is meant by:

  • Careful, made in accordance with the anatomical squeezing thumb inflammatory fluid that accumulates in the duct of the gland prostate lobes, and then enters the urethra.
  • Improving blood circulation of the prostate gland.
  • Stabilization erection and cells that are responsible for the production of male sex hormones in the body.
  • Strengthening treatment steps that reduce the pharmacological stress on the body by reducing the amount of drugs taken.

Prostate massage: Contraindications

Prostate massage is contraindicated in cases of:

  • the presence of stones in the prostate;
  • Prostate tuberculosis;
  • acute stage of prostatitis;
  • prostate tumors;
  • cracks anus and rectum;
  • urinary retention;
  • acute infectious diseases.

Prostate massage effectively treats acute inflammation of the prostate gland. With proper technique prevents the development of ulcers in the gland. Incorrect massage can lead to the progression of the disease, as well as to the further spread of inflammation, so to carry out such a procedure should be only an experienced doctor.