Prostate massage


Prostate massage: what is it?

Prostate massage Prostate massage is known for more than a century and is one of the types of conventional therapeutic massage. The term “Urology” indicates that the massage is used for prevention and treatment of urological diseases, namely the male urogenital organs.

As practice shows, urological massage is effective in chronic urethritis, prostatitis, orchitis, vesicles, and many other diseases. Performed by professionals it is well tolerated and virtually painless.

Prostate massage: Types

Depending on the impact of space represented by the following types of massage:

  • urological prostate massage stimulation;
  • urological massage to stimulate the seminal vesicles and Cowper’s glands;
  • urological massage to stimulate the urethra.

Sometimes there are recommendations that certain types of urological massage you can do yourself (including self-massage of the prostate). These councils should be treated very carefully, because the non-compliance with performance art urological massage can hurt themselves.

It should also be remembered that the urological massage is performed not only for treatment but also for diagnostic purposes. During the session of massage urological urologist will assess the state of the genitourinary system as a whole, as well as the shape, size, texture of the prostate, the presence in it of cysts or pathological seals.

  • Prostate massage: technique of its execution
  • Cleansing enema for 30-40 minutes before the massage.
  1. We need to take the correct posture: lie down on his right side and leg presses to stomach (they should be bent at the knees). This posture makes it more convenient access to the prostate through the rectum and well relaxes the pelvic floor muscles.
  2. The doctor, a urologist or andrologist, dresses latex medical gloves. He will use a lubricant on the basis of fat (eg, ordinary Vaseline or appropriate means with the effect of local anesthesia).
  3. Next, the doctor immediately proceeds to urological massage, which lasts about two minutes.
  4. The course of urological massage averages around 15 procedures for one month (at the beginning of each day, then 1-2 times weekly).
  5. Prostate prostate massage is performed through the wall of the rectum (transrectal).

Prostate massage: indications and contraindications:

The main contraindications to the urological massage following:

  • Urological massazhnarushenie urination;
  • cancer of male urogenital organs;
  • communicable chronic diseases in the area in the acute stage (for example, in chronic gonorrhea);
  • acute inflammation;
  • testicular injury;
  • urogenital tuberculosis;
  • adrectal fistulas, paraproctitis;
  • the presence of stones or cysts.

When infectious diseases urological massage appointed only after a course of antibiotic therapy (or within a few days from the start of reception of antibiotics), and only when the signs of acute inflammation disappear. If we neglect this rule (that is, start doing urological massage at a time when the organ is inflamed), then it may aggravate the situation and cause more harm than good.

Prostate massage is indicated for chronic prostatitis, urethritis. He was appointed to improve erectile function, occurred against the backdrop of various chronic inflammatory diseases (eg, congestive prostatitis). Also shown is a type of massage in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the testicles, and their appendages, Cowper’s gland or seminal vesicles.