Pregnancy and headache


Pregnancy – is a wonderful and memorable time in the life of any woman.

During the period of gestation of the child all body systems are working at maximum capacity – now need to maintain vitality, not only the mother, but also the future of the baby. It was in this period being the expectant mother may worsen chronic diseases exacerbated, and new ailments – back to haunt.

Pregnant women often suffer from headaches.

And it noted that women suffering from recurrent headaches and migraines before pregnancy may experience severe relapse in the first three months of carrying a child.

Causes of pain may include:

  1. Powerful hormonal changes the body;
  2. Strong morning sickness, leading to dehydration and vasospasm;
  3. Fatigue, depression, sleep disorders;
  4. The use of products with a high content of caffeine and sugar, and salt, and preservatives;
  5. The aggravation of chronic diseases of women, especially those related to pressure vessels (hypertension and hypotension, low back pain, venous disease).

Hard to say, does the headache of a child directly, but the physical suffering mother can not affect the child’s future, which is why eliminate headaches during pregnancy is essential.

Treatment of headache during pregnancy

Unfortunately, medications for headache, absolutely safe for woman and the fetus, does not exist. Even if the drug really helps women to pregnancy, child-bearing, he will also be banned. Admission painkillers carries a potential risk for the unborn child, so their reception should be possible to exclude. It is believed that starting from the second trimester of pregnancy, with a very strong pain can drink a tablet of ibuprofen or acetaminophen, but it must be an isolated case.

Removing the headache during pregnancy folk remedies

To cope with a headache will help the following rules:

  • Strong enough sleep. As much as possible, and as often as possible. Expectant mother need to rest and gather strength. Do not feel guilty if you want to sleep during the day: the expectant mother should be relaxed, balanced and save energy that it will soon come in handy;
    Walking in the fresh air – every day and for long periods. Moderate exercise and fresh air certainly helpful for the future of the baby and his mother. It should also make it a rule regular airing of all rooms in a house, and headaches will visit less often;
  • Herbal teas are welcome. Chamomile, peppermint, rose hips help pregnant women relax and a steaming cup of fragrant drink cheer up. Generally headaches should consume plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration, increases the pain;
  • Aromatherapy – employment, bringing the expectant mother a lot of fun. If the headache is recommended to use essential oils of chamomile, cardamom and grapefruit. If you want to try other oils should be thoroughly convinced of their safety, some of them not very useful for the child;
  • A relaxing massage is useful for everyone. You can massage the neck and shoulders alone, but especially nice if it will make future Pope;
    Migraine, when the pains are pulsating in nature, will help alleviate the condition wet compress on the forehead, temples or neck;
  • Discos and watching TV at maximum volume – a taboo. It is desirable to avoid such stimuli, otherwise you can pay headaches.
    In general, it is desirable to create around the future mom’s an atmosphere of tranquility, relaxation and love. If it surrounds a pleasant atmosphere and loving relatives, no headaches it can not win.