Plasmolifting for your hair

Plasmolifting for your hair
Plasmolifting for your hair

Plasmolifting is a modern method of treating and strengthening hair. But also this treatment is used for face also. If you want to get rid of acne, make your skin more soft and less dry- you should also begin the course of this popular and new injections.

With the help of injections under the scalp, platelets are introduced that stimulate hair growth and strengthen them. Thanks to this technique, the mechanisms responsible for the growth and health of the hair begin to intensify: the work of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles is restored.

You will see the result: the structure of the hair improves, they become stronger, they cease to be cut and fall out.

Features of plazmolifting for hair Plazmolifting uses the inherent in each person the mechanisms of self-healing and regeneration. Plasma of blood, saturated with platelets is one of the most powerful substances, which accelerates the process of tissue regeneration. After the plasma enters the skin, collagen and elastin are much faster produced there. The cells are saturated with oxygen, so that not only the hair, but also the scalp becomes healthier: dryness and dandruff disappear.

How does plasma – lifting differ from mesotherapy? At first glance, both procedures seem similar: they are carried out by intradermal injection and are aimed at restoring the hair. In fact, there is a significant difference between them: Composition of injections When plazmolifting resources are used, laid in the human body, while for mesotherapy use specially prepared cocktails. These foreign substances in some cases can cause allergic reactions, and when plazmolifting this will not happen. Method of action Plasmolifting has a long-term effect, as there is a cellular regeneration of the skin.

The method of action of mesotherapy is quite different: the state of the hair is improved due to the temporary attraction of water molecules by hyaluronic acid. It is not always necessary to resort to such a serious method as plasmolifting with hair loss. Sometimes this problem can be solved with the help of masks against hair loss, which can be done at home. In this article, read about another anti-hair loss drug – minoxidil. Since no changes occur at the cellular level, the effect disappears much faster. The result of the procedure A significant positive result from plasmolift is noticeable after the first procedure.

To get the maximum effect, you need to spend 2 to 5 sessions, which will provide a curative effect for 2 years. The effect of mesotherapy is noticeable only after 3 sessions, and lasts about 6-12 months. Advantages of plasma lift: The blood plasma that is used for the procedure belongs to the patient, thus eliminating the possibility of infection with any viruses, infections. For the same reason, the possibility of an allergic reaction of the body is excluded.

The rehabilitation period is minimal: in most cases the patient feels comfortable almost immediately after the procedure. Painful sensations are reduced to a minimum. Anesthetic ointments can be used. Recommendations for use Plasmolifting is recommended for such problems of the scalp: Hair loss; Split ends; Weak and rare hair; Diseases of the scalp, on the recommendation of a doctor, is used for acne. With all these problems, plasmolifting helps to achieve excellent results.

An example of the condition of the hair before and after the procedure in the photo above.

Contraindications to plazmolifting:

  • Plazmolifting is not performed in such situations:
  • Systemic blood diseases;
  • Chronic and inflammatory skin diseases;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding;
  • Mental disorders.

Technology of the procedure Before starting the procedure, several important actions are performed: The patient undergoes an examination and, if necessary, a clinical examination, to identify possible contraindications. The patient takes the necessary dose for the procedure, which is placed in a test tube into a special centrifuge to separate the plasma.