Pigmentation on the face


Pigmentation on the face is a problem of an aesthetic nature, which many women and girls of different ages wish to get rid of. Someone has pigmentation during puberty, in others at a later age. Often ugly spots of brown color indicate the course of aging in the body. In elderly people, they cover not only the face, but also other parts of the body.

It is rather difficult to get rid of pigment spots on the skin of the face. Treatment should begin with an establishment of the reason. Often the spots are a signal of violations in the body, so in case of their sudden appearance, you need to see a doctor to diagnose and treat the diseases in time. Against the background of complex treatment will disappear and pigmentation.

Causes of appearance


Pigmented spots on the face may appear for various reasons, but in all cases they arise as a result of the accumulation of melanin in the pigment. Before proceeding with the removal of pigmentation, it is necessary to determine the factors that provoked impaired pigment synthesis.

It can be:

  • Violation of hormonal balance in the body (during pregnancy, after childbirth, with menopause);
  • Excessive irradiation with ultraviolet rays on the beach or in the solarium;
  • Acne, after the disappearance of which, remain spots of brown or bright pink;
  • Age changes in the body, starting their course after 45 years;
  • The use of cosmetic products containing allergens;
  • Misalignment of the liver or kidney;
  • Diseases of internal organs;
  • Lack of vitamin C;
  • Hereditary predisposition.

It is especially difficult to remove pigmentation on the face skin, which appeared as a result of aging processes. There is a category of people on the skin of which pigmented spots appear due to exposure to sunlight. In the late spring and in the summer you should protect your face from the sun, using special cosmetics.

Types of pigmentation on the face

The girl’s face

Pigmentation on the face can have a different color depending on the cause, the patient’s age, health status, genetic factors.

It is customary to distinguish such types of pigment spots on the skin of the face:

Freckles – the reaction of the skin in the sun. Especially noticeable and clear they become in the spring and in the summer. Often appear in children, with age their number and expressiveness decrease. Spots can be localized only on the face or spread throughout the body. It will not be possible to get rid of them. Reduce their number can be using bleaching agents.

Chloasma – brown spots on the skin of the face, which appear against the background of hormonal imbalance. The cause of their occurrence can be women’s diseases, pregnancy.
Birthmarks are formed in the womb. It is undesirable to get rid of them, as this can lead to consequences. If they are localized in visible areas of the face, they cause discomfort, the treatment is done with the help of a laser or a cold, but not always succeeds.

Lentigo – numerous specks of small sizes that spread throughout the body. Their appearance may be due to exposure to ultraviolet rays or the course of aging processes.
Vitiligo – white spots. There is such a pigmentation is quite rare, caused by genetic factors.
For each type of pigmentation, there are the most effective and safe methods of treatment. If the stains on the face of a small size, you can use cosmetics or folk recipes and successfully get rid of the problem at home. In the case where the spots are large, arise on the background of other problems, you should consult a doctor.

Treatment of pigmentation

The girl’s face

To get rid of pigment spots on the skin, you must first determine the reason why they appeared. For this, a specialist consultation is necessary. The patient must pass tests that will help to eliminate internal disturbances.

Treatment of pigmentation can be carried out at home, but only with prior agreement with the attending physician.

For this you can apply:

  • Cosmetical tools;
  • Recipes of traditional medicine.

If you need to get rid of stains quickly and effectively, it makes sense to use the services of a beautician or dermatologist, and perform a salon procedure to remove pigmentation.


On sale there are cosmetic means that can effectively whiten the skin of the face and thereby eliminate pigmented spots. The use of creams is possible only under the supervision of a specialist. Do not start treatment with drugs that contain strong components in their composition, since this can lead to the opposite effect, the spots will become even more.