Natural masks


Natural nourishing masks.

Professional facials with homemade masks.

Homemade masks:

  • – Mask of zucchini. Unfortunately, I have never met in the Internet this wonderful and easy recipe that encouraged me even my grandmother – squash mask, the mask is very effective and nutritious, it is perfectly smooths wrinkles and gives the skin a velvety and healthy. Juice squash (get through a juicer or blender), mix with lemon juice or honey (the proportion of your choice), apply to the skin and eyes, place cucumber sliced ​​rings, leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water.
  • – Honey natural mask. Take a bit of high-quality honey. If your skin is dry, take the yolk of the egg, and if you have oily skin, it is best to take protein. Thoroughly mix these ingredients. Peel the skin from dirt and make-up with lotion or milk. Apply to skin nutrient solution. After 15 minutes, rinse. Beautiful face mask that will give your skin radiant and healthy look.
  • – Banana facial mask. Take a banana, turn it into a jelly-like mass, add a little natural orange or grape juice. Apply for 15-20 minutes. Then remove the mask and rinse face with warm water.
  • – Live Natural mask. The main building protein found in green. Look at the elephants and giraffes, they feed exclusively on plant foods, but they did not interfere in this case be strong and healthy. They are unlikely to lack of protein building that do not eat meat. Take parsley, dill, basil, strawberry leaves or plantain (can be any combination of) a few fresh berries (strawberries, strawberry, currant), place in a blender, turn to jelly, apply for 15-20 minutes and rinse. This is the most effective and nourishing mask, our skin absorbs perfectly natural herbal vitamins.
  • – Mask based on aloe vera, perfect for fighting wrinkles in the eye area. Squeeze a little aloe vera juice, apply on the skin, you can even overnight, then thoroughly clean the skin cleansers. The result of applying these masks striking.

Improved professional facial masks usually contain the whole complex of vitamins and nutrients – zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, which are the basic components for regenerative processes and to protect our skin from harmful environmental influences. Modern masks on the basis of 24-carat gold from the company orogold have a great impact on the skin.

  • Masks holy-land do not need a special introduction, as tens of thousands of people use for many years these wonderful drugs. Try pluralist use of domestic masks using natural professional facial masks.
  • By the way, for oily skin do not abuse the use of cosmetics. A large amount of cosmetics can have a negative impact on the state of your skin. In any application of cosmetics should be aesthetic and logical component.

4. The skin is constantly exposed to the sun exposure, it is not the best way affects its component

Try in spending less time exposed to direct sunlight. Feel free to wear women’s hat that will cover the face from the rays. Use professional products for protection from the sun. If you have fair skin, use a formula to SPF30. If dark, it is best to 15. Do not visit often, and do not spend much time in the tanning bed. This is a direct path to the withering and dehydration of the skin.

5. Now I will give some general advice for the protection of his body and in particular the skin from aging.

  • – Attend a bath more often. It is due to the effects of hot steam on the body of us goes together with then many toxins and other indecencies. Visit baths should be the norm. On the third call to the steam room Spread any skin nourishing mask, you can coat the skin with honey. In the steam room, then through the expansion can achieve a good absorption of natural masks in the skin pores. After the sauna, always try to take a shower.
  • -Wash with Purified soft water. If you live in the countryside, try to wash your face with spring water, or clean snow melts.
  • -Clean your Face with ice, try to do it before bedtime. I do not yet engaged, but my friends pointed out a beautiful buff
  • – If you are a fat woman and want to lose weight, watch out for sudden weight loss. In obese women the skin is stretched, so when a significant drop weight, wrinkles and creases appear likely. Do it gradually. Better passing on the fruit and vegetable diet.
  • – Partial or complete lack of teeth also has a negative impact on the person, take care of their teeth and insert dentures. Since due to problems with your teeth, there is abnormal chewing movements, and on the face appear hollow and shape of cheekbones.
  • – Regularly soft neat self-massage of the face. It helps blood circulation and destroy your skin healthy and beautiful appearance.