Nails Health


If the eye is called the mirror of the soul, the nails – a mirror of our health. There are plenty of both traditional and non-traditional methods and ways of diagnosing the state of human health. Among these methods and diagnostics as our nails. For example, physicians in China this method is used for many centuries in a row. But while modern medicine today does not recognize the method of determining health as nails, as an independent and uses it as an additional method to confirm or identify any pathology.

  • Changing the shape and colors of nail during illness
  • What does the surface of your nails
  • What does the state of the nails

Nails on the hands of the people fully updated in about six months. Consequently, they can tell about a person’s health condition is during this period. According to some indications nail condition can be said about the genetic predisposition to some diseases and chronic diseases. For example, if the nails start to grow more slowly than usual, it may be one of the symptoms of diseases of the endocrine system, and the young women sign of pregnancy.

Health and condition nails and heredity

Veteran analysts, looking at the human nails can tell even his parents. For example, children of chronic alcoholics have a special shape of the nails – concave. People suffering from chronic diabetes, also have a distinctive shape of the nail, and is exactly the same shape of nails be passed by inheritance to their children (fingernail lengthened). But do not worry about that with the shape of the nail will be transferred and the disease itself. But it may be a sign that a person is predisposed to the disease or the other and it is necessary to take preventive methods to prevent the outbreak of disease.

Changing the shape and colors of nail during illness

As a rule, on the chronic diseases and health problems nogtets says changing patterns of nails, their shape and topography. In the initial stages of the disease varies, usually only the color of the nails. For example, with heart diseases, chronic diseases of the lungs and gastrointestinal tract, nails take the shape of drumsticks, it is painless, usually manifests itself in the feet and hands of the thickening at the terminal phalanges of the soft tissues of the fingers, but the bone does not change .

Nail form can tell you about the presence of a person of very serious diseases

Condition of the nails, or rather their shape, for example, convex, may indicate that a person is sick with pulmonary tuberculosis. When hepatitis nails are shiny and thin. Heralded the start of cancer are high tube-shape nails. In bronchial asthma, nails become curved and flat. If you develop any of renal pathology, then on the ring finger nails take the shape of a semicircle. If you have problems related to the spine, nails become triangular.