Metabolism – because of it most often complain of obesity or justify excessive leanness. Scientists claim: myths strongly distorted the idea of people about metabolism.

It is believed that lean people have an accelerated metabolism, because, as much as they did not eat, there is no difference on the scales.

  • In fact, scientists at the University of Ottawa claim that the key to metabolism is the amount of our muscles. That is, selecting 2 people with the same mass, the metabolism will be faster for someone who often goes to the gym. Therefore, it is so important to introduce force loads alongside the diet.
  • Myth two: if you skip meals, the metabolism will slow down. This thought has long been popular, so many started to eat often, but in small portions. In fact, for metabolism, it is more important how much and what exactly you eat. That is, if it is 2000 calories of rice with a salad, it does not matter if you eat it in one go or for a few.
  • The third myth. All that you eat late in the evening, turn into fat. And this theory is gradually beginning to be abandoned. But American scientists have derived a new formula: eat only for 12 hours. That is, if you had breakfast at 10 am, then in the evening at 10 can safely sit at the table.

And the most common myth – we are not able to control our metabolism. The first point indicated the importance of muscles. But there are a few more secrets. The main one is a sleep. It affects not only the mood and productivity, but also reduces the level of sugar, from this less desire to eat. The second secret is water. You drink more, burn more calories. And the third is protein. Scientists say that consuming protein burns more calories even during rest.