Men’s Health


Every man has sexual potential enough for 15 women. Some experts believe, that this is the main reason why the humankind has survived. Strong men’s health provides a strong foundation for future generations. What should a modern man do to stay healthy and be capable of performing the reproductive function properly?

Potency problems

Constant stress, unfavorable ecological conditions, unbalanced diet, bad habits, sexual infections and inflammatory diseases — they all pose thread to men’s health. Today, some of the main problems developed in men are potency disorders, prostatitis, or even male infertility.

60% potency problems develop due to diseases of other internal organs. 30% of cases are explained by psychological disturbances. The remaining 10% have mixed reasons.

When a man experiences potency problems, it can lead to a decline in the quality of life and low self-esteem. There is deterioration in the man’s sexual life, at work and in the family.

There are plenty of factors that a man faces every day, without even thinking about what harm they can do to his health.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Thus, drinking alcohol arouses desire, but doesn’t let you fulfill it. Daily alcohol consumption, even in small amounts, is a sure condition of developing potency problems. To absorb alcohol, the liver actively uses the male hormone testosterone. In this process, testosterone turns into a female hormone — estrogen. In the long run, the increasing amount of estrogen in a male body decreases potency, and triggers breast growth.

Unlike alcohol, nicotine backwards suppresses the desire. A recent experiment has shown, that, on average, non-smokers have sex twice as much as smokers do.

Driving a car is considered to be a male prerogative. However, long daily road trips lead to troubled blood circulation in the genital organs and congestive inflammation of the prostate.


Men should not eat more than 100 grams of soy products a day, as they contain phytoestrogens. These elements are very similar in structure to the female hormone estrogen. Its excessive presence in the male body reduces the quality of sperm and can lead to infertility.

If a man speaks on the mobile phone 4 or more hours a day, his sperm loses 30% of its qualities. The reason is that the micro waves reduce the sperm quantity and spermatozoa activity.

If a man suspects any potency problems, it is highly essential to undergo a full examination, including a blood sugar test, testosterone level test, heart ECG and prostate gland ultrasonography.