Medical Gymnastics


More and more people are getting frustrated with the official medicine. After all, in order to be healed of a disgusted disease, you have to drink piles of pills and sometimes inflict very painful injections. Unfortunately, such a treatment does not always show a tangible positive effect. Most often, such treatment is money thrown to the rubbish. But there are situations and it is much more difficult – when the treatment further aggravates the patient’s condition.

  • Therefore, these days people prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise. However, not always enough time to maintain your body is normal. That’s when the therapeutic gymnastics comes to the rescue, which helps to quickly restore health and get rid of various diseases.
  • Therapeutic physical training appeared at the junction of medical science and physical culture. That is why it is very often prescribed by doctors after some trauma or during the period of remission of chronic diseases. Most often these are diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system and internal organs.
  • Therapeutic gymnastics is a complex of specially developed exercises for the treatment and prevention of diseases. In the basis of such gymnastics all the long-known truth “movement-life” is laid down. However, all exercises must be performed correctly and in a certain amount.


  • Dr. Bubnovsky developed his new method of therapeutic gymnastics. Thousands of patients have estimated the effectiveness of his method. After all, in each individual case, the patient’s condition is first diagnosed, the localization of the pathological process is determined, and only after that a special set of exercises is developed for each patient individually.
  • Professor Bubnovsky, whose therapeutic gymnastics has long been known, also recommends that during the exercise, attention be paid to the setting of breathing, because the quality of the performance of gymnastics depends to a large extent on proper breathing. At the same time, exercise therapy can be both general and individual parts of the body.
  • However, it should be remembered that it is impossible to start off drastically without first preparing your body. For this purpose, Bubnovsky’s gymnastics for beginners was developed. It is easy to perform and does not require significant effort, it can be performed even at home. This gymnastics is very suitable for the prevention of diseases of the spine and joints.


  • Adaptive gymnastics from Bubnovsky also aims to gradually get involved in the training process. In this case, you should work with minimal stress and do less exercises and approaches. In addition, this gymnastics is sparing, there are no sudden movements, as it is mainly aimed at removing pain. Among the exercises in the majority there are stretching exercises and relaxation exercises.
  • The result of physiotherapy is the complete restoration of all body systems, the normalization of the functions of the spine and joints.

It is very important to correctly perform the technique of exercises. In this case, you can not only help your body recover quickly, but also avoid unpleasant painful sensations. At the Dr. Bubnovsky Center work experienced instructors who will explain, show and control that you correctly perform all the exercises. And the effect of the help of professionals will not keep you waiting.