Male potency


Male potency might be lost for two reasons. First of all, it’s a health problem, and the second – the causes of a psychological nature. The ability to perform a full sexual intercourse – is a delicate mechanism in the regulation of which was attended by the nervous, hormonal and cardiovascular systems.

  • Failure at any stage of regulation may reduce potency, up to its complete loss. What if there were problems with the male potency? First, you must find out the cause and then fix it. The cause of impotence reliably establish a doctor, but there are some signs by which you can try yourself to assume at least that it is a psychological or associated with an organic disease, the first signs of which appeared this way.
  • If you saved the night and morning spontaneous erections, but at the time of intercourse male potency is missing, and it appears suddenly, as they say, for no apparent reason, causes, most likely psychological. This may be incompatible with a partner, or psycho-emotional exhaustion, or severe fatigue. In this case, the therapist may need help, and maybe there will be enough good rest, a change of scenery and course tonic.
  • If male potency deteriorated gradually over months, if it was reflected in the deterioration in the morning and nocturnal erections, which have also become sluggish or completely disappeared, most likely, the reason is illness. In this case, access to a doctor should be immediate, because the earlier treatment is started, the greater the chance that male potency can be restored in full. Talking about the preventive measures that prevent the emergence of such problems, it is necessary to stress once again the importance of maintaining health. Male potency is his kind of indicator.
  • A healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity, good sleep, good nutrition, and lack of bad habits, that’s the only way to maintain male potency for a long time. Particular attention should be paid to preventing stagnation in the pelvis and prevent hypothermia. A sedentary lifestyle, which, alas, are subject to a growing number of men, so now the main enemy of male potency. And if you are one of those men who during the day sitting in the office, then sit behind the wheel, and then sit on the couch at home, or on the computer, it’s time to take drastic measures to save the male potency.