Make up secrets


A well-wrought decorative cosmetics can work wonders – to correct the complexion, the eyes, the shape of eyebrows, nose shape, etc. Every woman, for which it is important to look good, should learn the art of makeup, even if it does not intend to become a makeup artist, stylist. After all, for a luxurious make-up is always a lot of secrets and knowledge of a professional technician.

Skillful makeup starts with beautiful skin and smooth tones, take care of this foundation. It makes the skin a nice, shiny, smooth. In addition, the foundation conceals minor imperfections. Choose a foundation must be in accordance with the complexion. Apply a little money on the jaw line or on the back of the hand.

  • If you want to brighten your face and give it a porcelain shade, choose a very bright tone. To give the skin a spectacular illusion of sunburn, take cream or a little darker with a golden hue. Rule: tone color should always be a little darker than your own skin color. Before you start make-up thoroughly, remove all dirt cosmetic milk. 1 method: squeeze the cream on a damp sponge and apply it on the face and neck. Tone blend, starting from the forehead to the temples, from the chin to the earlobe, from the back of the nose to the protruding cheekbones.
  • 2 method: squeeze the cream and ring finger, apply a few points – two on the forehead, on three points at the top of the cheekbone, one in the corners of the mouth and nose, one on the chin. Smooth Tone, barely touching the skin. The ring finger is the weakest. Therefore, it is an ideal tool for applying makeup. It is too intense pressing leads to a stretching of the skin and the formation of premature wrinkles. Professional make-up artists are advised to apply foundation only if you really need to camouflage skin defects.
  • If your skin is pretty clean, allow cells to just breathe and shine without tonal framework. Instead, it is possible to use a light moisturizer. Blush in an instant transform a woman, renew and rejuvenate the face. But should be used in minimal quantities. How to apply blush? Area of ​​application: cheeks; chin; whiskey; lobe ears. To emphasize the originality and uniqueness of eye color, you can use contrasting shades.
  • The inner corner of the eye to be light tone, which goes to the dark more than at the outer corner of the eye. Shades should flow into one another seamlessly. Watch out for the right mix of colors: pink and beige, lilac-purple, etc. In order to emphasize the curve of the eyebrows, apply a shade under the arc light silver or pearl color.