What is Kamagra?

Sildenafil – Kamagra 100 mg is a pill utilized mainly as the counter-ED therapy. Patients likewise use it for the BPH treatment. This particular pill helps eradicate ED by enhancing the flow in the penile region and empowering your body to react to sexual stimulus naturally.

Kamagra Precautions

Same as some other sort of treatment, there are numerous details you have to consider before you begin to use this specific pharmaceutical. You should never start taking any sort of pharmaceutical in the event that you were advised not to.

You can’t use this medication if you have:

  • CVDs (breast pang, cardiac decompensation, and many others);
  • Uncontrolled high/low blood pressure;
  • Priapism;
  • Deformed penis;
  • Gastric ulcers;
  • Pulmonary hypertension;
  • Primary pigmentary degeneration of retina;
  • Had stroke in the last half a year;
  • Haemorrhage;
  • Leucocythemia;
  • Multiple plasmacytoma.

You ought to know that this selection of conceivable precautions is not all-encompassing. You have to keep in mind that the end goal is to guarantee your own security. Before you start using this pharmaceutical, you have to undergo a total physical assessment directed by your medic. This is the best way to ensure that this therapy is 100% appropriate for you.

What Makes Kamagra Popular?

There are many reasons that explain this medication’s popularity:

  1. It is relatively cheap when compared to the other anti-ED medications available on the market.
  2. It can possibly increase sensation during sex.
  3. It is suitable for both young and old patients, i.e. the age doesn’t affect this drug’s properties.
  4. Research data shows that this medication is more reliable (more on that down below).
  5. A shorter list of possible unwanted responses.
  6. Fast-acting formula.
  7. Easy to take.
  8. Longevity.

Kamagra: Dosing Information

Kamagra 100
Kamagra 100

50 milligrams is the suggested beginning dosage for this medication. On the off chance that you’ve never taken this medication before, it’s extremely likely that your medic will suggest this exact dose. If you happen to find that the 50-milligram dose is not suitable/not strong enough, you can inquire as to whether or not you can start taking the 100 milligrams dose.

Granted, in case you run into adverse reactions when taking the 100 milligrams dose, you can easily switch to the lowered dose, the 100 milligrams one. Afterward, you have to see whether or not your body endures it any better.

Younger patients that suffer from ED caused by tension or anxiety typically find that a 10-milligram dose is perfectly adequate for them.
Your MD needs to ask a broad range of question concerning your wellbeing in order to figure out what the perfect dose for you is.

How to Take Kamagra?

There are 2 methods for using this specific pharmaceutical. Your recommended dose will vary depending on what sort of technique you will eventually pick. That, of course, is alongside numerous different factors, including your age, general wellbeing level, and PMH.

1. On demand.

  • You have to take this pharmaceutical around 30 minutes preceding the scheduled intimacy.

2. Once a day

  • You must take the pharmaceutical at around the same time, each and every day. Thusly you remove the necessity to plan for intimacy ahead of time out of the equation. If this treatment ends up being insufficient, your MD may up the dose to 5 milligrams every day.

How Viable Is This Medication?

  • This medication becomes effective within 16-35 minutes, it can last up to 2160 minutes.
  • 51-65% of patients on Kamagra 100mg compared to 22-23% of patients taking placebo maintained their erection.
  • Kamagra is incredibly effective in a wide scope of test subjects with erectile dysfunction and various different conditions (e.g., diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, coronary illness, and prostatectomy).
  • Kamagra vs. Viagra: Kamagra becomes effective in 30 minutes while Viagra takes twice as long. Kamagra online (Sildenafil) lasts up to 2160 minutes. Viagra only lasts 240 minutes.

Ways to Boost Kamagra Effectiveness

In spite of this pill’s notoriety for being a standout amongst the most effective anti-ED meds out there, there are definitely some ways to improve your situation. Taking this pharmaceutical is, for the most part, a temporary solution. If you make some way of life changes, it will help both boost the viability of this pharmaceutical and enable you to cure ED for good. Here are a some of the adjustments that you can make.

Keep in mind that your end goal is to enhance your odds of curing ED completely:

  • Quitting smoking;
  • Maintaining a healthy weight;
  • Finding a reasonable eating regiment;
  • Finding an acceptable exercise regimen;
  • Decreasing your liquor intake;
  • Ending your inactive way of life;
  • Decreasing the levels of anxiety in your life.

Clearly, none of these adjustments are simple, yet it’s never simple to begin a happy/healthy life. Regardless of whether or not you will stick to these adjustments, even a couple of little positive developments will lead to immediate positive results. Your future is in your hands.

Kamagra Storage

This medication must be stored at 25C. However, it should be noted that temperatures between 15C and 30C are also permitted. You are required to keep this pill away from hot temperature, sun rays, wetness. Never leave this pill in the bathroom. Make sure you make it is inaccessible for your kids and animals.

Assorted Safety Info

  • This medication might lead to wooziness, dazedness, or blacking out; drinking copious amounts of liquor, sweltering climate, physical activity, or fever may increase the chances of these unwanted responses.
  • Try not to consume a lot of liquor (e.g., 4 beverages per day) while you take this medication. Doing this may increase your risks of unsteadiness, cerebral pain, rapid heart rate, and circulatory strain.
  • Kamagra might infrequently cause a delayed (after 240 minutes) or excruciatingly painful erections. This could happen regardless of your sexual arousal. In the event that this isn’t dealt with immediately, it could lead to severe sexual issues in the near future, for example, permanent impotency. Contact your medic immediately if this does occur.
  • This pharmaceutical won’t prevent pregnancy.
  • Interestingly enough, this medication can lead to minor, impermanent vision changes (blurry vision, extra sensitivity to light, color vision deficiency). Contact your medic if vision changes.

Sudden changes in hearing and loss of hearing have been accounted for in a few patients who have taken this medication. They have experienced minor ringing in the ears. On the off chance that you notice an unexplained lessening/loss of hearing, contact your medic immediately.

Adverse Responses

Kamagra is hailed as one of the most secure anti-ED choices out there, yet there are still some secondary reactions to keep an eye out for.

Here’s an incomplete rundown of conceivable undesirable secondary reactions caused by this medicine:

  1. Frequent. Migraine, nausea, dyspepsia, back pain, musculoskeletal pain and hyperaemia.
  2. Infrequent. Hazy vision and other visual perception issues, chest ache, issues with breathing, cold sweat, weakness, vertigo, cardiac dysrhythmia, loss of hearing, tinnitus, and excruciating erections.
  3. Rare. Abdominal pain, complete and sudden blindness, rash, looseness of the bowels, irregular heartbeat, minor facial paralysis, violent cough, flushing and peripheral edema.

This selection of conceivable unwanted reactions isn’t all-encompassing. If you happen to encounter any of the aforementioned symptoms or anything strange at all – don’t falter to contact your medical specialist immediately.

Medical Interactions

The incomplete list of possible interactions:

  1. β-blockers, namely metoprolol, pronethalol, hydroxypropranolol, bupranolol, pindolol.
  2. Meds that increase the impact of CYP3A4 (carbamazepine).
  3. Various anti-impotence pills.
  4. Angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors, such as quinapril, spirapril, temocapril, imidapril, fosinopril, moexipril.
  5. Antimycotic medications, namely fluoxetin, azithromycin, clarithromycin, gatifloxacin.
  6. Hep C drugs.
  7. Antibacterials.
  8. Adrenergic alpha-agonists.
  9. Anti-epileptic drugs such as phenytoin, phenobarbital, phenobarbitone, primidone.
  10. α-adrenoreceptor antagonists, such as naftopidil, phentolamine, bunazosin.
  11. Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome treatments, such as amprenavir, tipranavir, ganciclovir, ritonavir, efavirenz, etravirine, raltegravir, lopinavir, delavirdine.
  12. AT1 receptor antagonists.
  13. Calcium channel antagonists, namely nifedipine, nisoldipine, lercanidipine, lacidipine, felodipine, verapamil, nimodipine, diltiazem.

Kamagra Interactions with Food

Despite the fact that it is totally safe for you to take this tablet together with any kinds of nourishment, a few patients have encountered better results when they’d limited their food intake. This is particularly imperative if your eating regimen comprises for the most part of fat-rich foods/drinks.

It’s best to abstain from consuming grapefruit or drinking grapefruit squeeze/any other grapefruit-based items while undergoing this kind of ED treatment. Perhaps your MD can figure out how to do it in a safe way.

Other than that, there are no food interactions. Regardless of that, sticking to a healthier diet can greatly enhance your general wellbeing and boost this tablet’s effect.

Interactions with Liquor

In short, you’re strongly suggested to avoid ingesting alcoholic beverages whereas undergoing the Priligy treatment. There’s a small chance of you encountering unwanted responses, for example – wooziness, exhaustion, tiredness, and somnolence. This pill might even be rendered fully ineffective due to ethyl alcohol in your body.

Regardless of that, some data from research along with a few user testimonies point out that it’s absolutely normal to consume liquor in moderation. Many male patients say that drinking liquor truly helps improve this drug’s desired result. In fact, many patients find it troublesome to attain climax whereas under the influence, which suggests that alcohol will presumably temporarily curb your PE.

The main takeaway is that in a situation where it is absolutely unavoidable, if you do drink – better be certain that you consume liquor carefully. In all other cases, you are mandated to avoid alcohol altogether.

Kamagra Reviews

Johnny: Here’s my review! Kamagra was a life-saver for me. I’ve been taking this medication for almost 19 months. ED was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I was so annoyed, I barely felt manly, you know? Everything has changed once I started taking this medication. Now, at the age of 88, I really love the results – my erections are strong enough for penetration and my wife is really happy with my newfound sexual stamina. Is there a better anti-ED medication? I don’t know, I’m happy with this one.

Jack: My MD just recently started me on this drug. I’ve had erection problems caused by BP medication. Now, if I’m being honest, this drug was a huge, huge help! In addition to curing my ED, I have found that this particular medication has helped me with my constant urge to go (and my urine flow, as well). I started having better erection overall. I feel like I’m going to have a great time with this. I’ve read that there is possibility of curing your ED once for all with this drug, that does sound promising.

Denny: I’m almost 50 and I have been suffering from this ever-increasing erectile dysfunction for 7 years now. I don’t know what caused it really. Maybe I overwork? Maybe I’m exhausted all the time? I have no idea, it doesn’t really matter to me. I got my MD to prescribe Kamagra to me. It worked out great in the end. I feel like a total stud. This drug doesn’t require you to plan sex in advance and that is just marvelous. No side effects as well. Strongly recommended for people struggling with ED.

Dick: I’m only 40, but I have a pretty stressful life. There are many things to factor in when taking about my ED, but I’m gonna spare you the details. I took kamagra 100mg for the very first time. I did experience some flushing in the face and a mild headache. The results, however, were amazing. I felt like I was holding back! I felt like I can do better than that (and “that” being an admittedly intense sex session with extended foreplay!), which is all kinds of mind-blowing. I even attempted to orgasm for the third time in a row!