Joint problems- knees


It is no secret that in adulthood, many people begin to have joint problems, and often problematic are the names of the tribes, because the foot is a much larger load over a person’s life compared with her hands. The hip joint, by the way, it hurts less because it has less mobility and greater stability.

So before a person often there is a problem: to engage intensively in the gym and knees or neglected to pay attention to these joints and, conversely, to neglect training. In many ways, the problem is far-fetched, and, on the other hand, associated with the wrong approach, the wrong understanding of the specificity of strength training.

  • We must start with the fact that on their own strength training not only have a greater load on the joints (ie, cause them some damage), but also strengthen the muscles and ligaments, which has an extremely beneficial effect on the joints. On the Internet you can find a lot of stories about how, for example, people have got rid of chronic back pain with the help of strength training. So that when a competent and balanced exercise program going to the gym can have a beneficial effect on the joints.
  • Furthermore, weight training, on the whole, quite harmful to the knees, but, for example, jogging even harmful! There is a very common misconception that, they say, the gym much is injurious to health, but from cardio health damage no one benefits. In fact, running can be very damaging knee joints, if you have a large overweight. And to put the heart in such a way is also quite easy.
  • There is another misconception is also very common saying that polyarticular basic exercises with free weights (squats, deadlifts) is much more harmful than isolated exercises that are carried out at the gym. In fact, the opposite is true: the basic exercises are safe for health, because they are more natural for our bodies. In everyday situations, we never do isolated movements, we raise the weight of the whole body.

Therefore, for example, for the knees are less harmful squats even greater weight, but not in the simulator leg extension. The latter, incidentally, have a devastating effect on the knee joint.

Problems with the joints are not automatically ban on strength training. You can always pick up a special training program, in which the problematic joint will be given minimum load. Generally, in such cases, you need to go to the doctor, x-rays of the joint. Only need to choose a good specialist, many doctors’ Soviet quenching “prohibit any physical activity in case of any problems with health. full life is not exactly help you conduct.