Is Kamagra illegal to possess?


This is a series of medicines for male potentiality based on Sildenafil. Its properties also define first of all properties of the medicine Kamagra. But time doesn’t stand still. The science moves also forward. New researches, new finds are done by druggists. The structure of Kamagra is better in comparison with the first Sildenafil-based drugs. New components of this medicine improve absorption in blood, digestion of active agent in the organism.

Producer of medicines

First of all, it’s necessary to tell about drug’s producer. Its research and production bases, level of professionalism of employees, scientific structure provide for quality, efficiency and safety of the production. In this case we deal with the Indian company Ajanta Pharma Ltd. It’s a large company of international level with the staff of 2500 people, with solid network of research laboratories, modern production base, huge commodity turnover in many countries of the world. Proceeding from it, it’s possible to rely safely on reputation of the producer of Kamagra for male potentiality and not to doubt its highest quality. The important feature of Kamagra is the price. Even if you make the decision to constantly use the medicine and want to order Kamagra in large volume, it won’t destroy your family budget.

Legal issues

The medicines under the Kamagra brand can be bought legally in many online drugstores, and in general, there are no legislative restrictions concerning use of these medicines and their storage in a private order.

At the same time, purchase of Kamagra in bulk for resale or unauthorized distribution by natural persons will be considered as illegal.
For persons younger than 16 years, it’s also forbidden to use this medicine because of unpredictability of side reactions and physical specific of the young age. Therefore it’s necessary to store medicine far from reach of children.

Which results does Kamagra provide:

  • permanent strengthening of potency;
  • stable erectile function for the period of effect of the active agent;
  • considerable improvement of the hardness of erection and its stability;
  • increase in sensitivity of male genitals and, as a result, receiving more pleasure;
  • extension of time and strengthening of intensity of an orgasm that brings much more pleasure than usually.

How are such results achieved?

They are due to by Sildenafil contained in Kamagra. Its action is directed onto two processes going on in a male body during sexual contact: onset and cessation of erection. The substance is one of inhibitors of the fifth type phosphodiesterase (FDE-5). To provide a firm and qualitative erection, Sildenafil influences production of nitrogen oxide accelerating and increasing it. Nitrogen oxide is necessary for relieve of tonus in penis vessels. Under its influence the vessels extend to make the volume of blood flow larger. Nitrogen oxide strengthens also blood circulation which determines the hardness of a penis.

Remember that the effect of the active agent begins only in case of an intimate excitement. Only under this condition the production of nitrogen oxide begins in an organism stimulated by Sildenafil.