Insects in your hair


The rapid development in the field of medical technology have helped mankind to forget all about the whole “bouquet” of various diseases, but, unfortunately, to get rid of lice did not help. Moreover, almost every year we hear that in cities again observed lice epidemic.

Head lice – small, but not harmless creatures, in the home can be found in bedding and clothing, furniture, etc. They can spread particularly dangerous infections -.. Typhoid, Volyn fever. This tiny vampires that suck human blood, irritate the scalp and are a constant source of discomfort. Living in a world with these insects is impossible.

Headaches, wardrobes, pubic: no longer afraid of lice?

  • In fact, all of the above. Only here the statistics show that the fear, first of all, you need to head lice (they occur more frequently), then the wardrobes and only then pubic.
  • The scalp of the parasites attack more often, because it is in this area created by nature the most convenient conditions for resettlement. The blood vessels lie shallow, hair lice hide from “attacks” from the outside, so their roots are wonderful place to lay their offspring – nits. Head lice provoke scratching that leads to open sores, infections from entering in them, zagnoeniyu, the appearance of boils, dermatitis.
  • However, remember that if you find insects in your hair or the hair of your children, it does not mean that you lead an antisocial lifestyle, or do not comply with the rules of hygiene. Quite the contrary, head lice like clean hair and scalp. To catch head lice is the same thing that has caught colds. Just you are close to an infected person and an insect crawled to you, as well as the virus gets to you from a person with colds. It is important to understand that there is nothing, which would be worth to be ashamed and hide unlike lice wardrobe. But this is a completely different disease and about this below.

Body lice (underwear), which live in bedding and clothing, are rarer their parent counterparts, although not cease to periodically deliver a lot of inconvenience to the public. They prefer to settle in remote places, for example, the seams sewn pockets and so on. E., Leaving time to time on the skin for the purpose of satisfying hunger. To get rid of them is not necessary to soak things in a highly concentrated insecticides, enough to wash all clothes and bedding in hot water (45 ° C or above) or a boil, and then iron the iron or steamed.

It is important to note!

It is worth noting that it is pediculosis corporis is the first call of trouble, unlike head lice, which can become infected and very clean people. Very often lice are found in the folds of old clothes or bedding indelible and never live in the hair!

Pubic lice today rather rare than the rule. Why this kind of parasite is rare, hard to say for sure. Physicians are inclined to think that these lice simply crossed with others and, in fact, most of them emigrated to the vegetation of the pubis and genitals on the head (eyebrows, mustache and beard) or clothing. Some believe that the fall of the statistical occurrence of pubic lice is to thank the creators of the bikini and as a consequence, the emergence of fashion to remove hair in the groin area. For removing pubic lice have always used boric ointment or simply shaved hair.

All kinds of lice can be picked up only by contact – they run across on a healthy person with the infected at the time of contact of hair or dress, unlike fleas that jump from animal to animal.

Homemade ways to get rid of lice

  • Consider the ways how you can effectively get rid of head lice at home. There are two options: either to fight the insects on their own, or to escape to the first receiver, controlled by sanitary and epidemiological stations. It would seem that the second solution is more balanced and correct. But it is worth considering – a contingent usually “turns” in these receivers? True, it is the homeless who are carriers of dangerous diseases and disadvantaged members of the population that does not play well with soap and water in principle. Therefore, head lice in children and adults treated better still at home.
  • There were lice symptoms – itching and bluish marks on the skin, general discomfort, sleep disturbance and mood drop to zero – and even inspection confirmed the presence of intruders in a particular part of your body? It’s time to run to the pharmacy. There are various means to understand the range of which will help you to specialists.
  • Enough to put them on the hair and scalp in accordance with the recommendations set out in the instructions, then use the comb with frequent teeth to remove adult lice and nits – and you are free.