How to strengthen your eyelashes?


Thick long eyelashes – the dream of any woman and to turn it into life you need to constantly look after your eyelashes.

Beautiful eyelashes give the eyes a special expressiveness, and the use of mascara helps in this. Female beauty is especially expressed in beautiful eyes. However, the daily use of the carcass makes the eyelashes weakened and that this does not happen it is necessary to sometimes heal.

To give eyelashes volume and strength women use a lot of tweaks. These include eyelash extensions, their curls, false eyelashes. However, lengthening and sealing the eyelashes is possible without using such complicated methods. It is enough to resort to special means that can be produced by cosmetic companies or made by own hands according to folk recipes.

Firming mascara is made by a lot of companies: Rivoli, Avon, Mary Kay, etc. However, to keep the eyelashes healthy, they did not fall out and did not break, strengthening the carcass a little.

To strengthen the eyelashes use different oils: olive, almond, castor, burdock. Apply a little oil to the cosmetic brush and comb the eyelashes. Try not to overdo it: eyelashes should not drip. Similar procedures with nourishing oils very well strengthen eyelashes, therefore spend them regularly, for example once a day. You can also use a mixture of different oils.

Your eyelashes will look better in a few weeks.

  • Effective is also a mixture of vegetable oil with liquid solutions of vitamins A and E. To find these vitamins can be in pharmacies in the form of capsules. The best effect when using oils can be achieved if you do not use mascara during treatment.
  • Nutritious oils and vitamin complexes formed the basis of many professional cosmetic lines, and you can purchase finished products from well-known manufacturers. I advise you to buy a balm for the eyelashes, which not only strengthens the eyelashes, but also nourishes the skin around the eyes.

Do not forget that the eyelashes have the same structure as the rest of the hair, so for their treatment you can use the same masks as for the hair.

The eyelashes are heavily influenced by carcasses. Use only high-quality cosmetics of famous manufacturers. If you constantly use mascara, it is better to choose one that not only makes eyelashes more elegant, but also strengthens and nourishes them. To make your eyelashes look great, do not forget about the care of eyelids.