How to narrow enlarged pores?

How to narrow pores and cleanse the face of the black dots

How narrow pores on your face at home usloviyahVam familiar unpleasant feeling grained leather on the nose or chin? If you are going to fight with dilated pores and black dots – this article is for you! We will tell whether the narrow pores always possible to narrow the enlarged pores on the face at home, it is possible, as well as what you can do.

Surprisingly, according to the survey results, 45% of French women would like to reduce the size of pores on the face, and over a third of the matter concerned more than the appearance of wrinkles!

Pores – a channel through which sebum on the skin surface is derived. The dimensions of skin pores are directly dependent on several factors: the intensity of sebum – in the first place. In addition, the number of pores is genetically, and this number remains unchanged for life.

We have access to two main options:

achieve a temporary narrowing of the enlarged pores;
Avoid contamination and clogging pores sebum, resulting in formation of black spots, stretching the skin pores. Timely cleaning the skin will relieve you of the probability of occurrence of enlarged pores on the face.
In addition, the pore depends on the state of collagen in the skin. Damaged collagen – a weakened skin tone. The damage caused by the weakening of the collagen, read the article about the anti-aging care.

Why are there black dots?

“Black spots” – are small plugs of sebum, the skin is naturally excreted. On contact with air sebum is oxidized, acquiring a black or grayish hue. They are especially noticeable on light skin. Black points are always accompanied by enlarged pores, it is their sebum and fills. Sebum fills the large pores – are obtained by black dots. And then we will solve the complex problem!

Enlarged pores and black spots often located on the nose and chin, but may be approximately around the nose and lips. They are often mistakenly associated with oily skin, mixed skin types or “young”. In fact, one of the reasons of their occurrence can be dehydrated skin: the lack of moisturizing the skin produces a large amount of sebum, to energize yourself. And as a result – the skin becomes rough, rough in appearance and to the touch and looks tired and stale.

What is enlarged pores?

It’s simple: if the face seen small holes – it is they have. By themselves, enlarged pores in no way dangerous. But they can be a cause of acne, blackheads, and in general, this skin is not the best way. So it is necessary to take some effort to cause the pores in order, although the struggle will be long and difficult.

First of all, you need a competent skin hygiene and gentle care. Do not use aggressive means. Some touted often means capable of providing a fast visible results, but only for a short time, and the result will be an additional dehydration of the skin, worsening of her condition – and the inevitable acne. So do not rush and do not trust each commercials, I promise miraculous escape from the problems in one day. At best, these “wonder drug” simply fill silicone enlarged pores, but after a short skin cleaning everything returns to normal. Some of these tools are simply irritate the skin and cause it to swell slightly, thus squeezing the pores for a while. Of course, about the benefits for the health of the skin and there is no speech.

How narrow pores on facial skin for all skin types?

For dehydrated skin: you have acne, enlarged pores and skin lacks softness and elasticity? This may be due to lack of nutrients. And above all, your skin lacks moisture. You will be a light moisturizer that does not clog the pores of the components. In our time, designed for dehydrated skin creams a lot of good, and the choice is rich enough. Note that the normalization condition of the skin cream will be the best choice based on natural herbal ingredients. Sometimes it is enough to bring levels to normal hydrated, the pores on the skin become clean and less noticeable.

For combination and oily skin also needs moisture, but the funds should be used more. The most effective here matting creams. Skin Matting using quality tools not only performs aesthetic function: adsorbing excess sebum is a good prevention against contamination since.