How to lose weight after age 50?

How to lose weight after age 50?
How to lose weight after age 50?

The problem of excess weight is relevant for any age, but after 50 years is most acute. Fat accumulation can provoke diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels deseases. You start feeling the shortness of breath and pressure leaps. Excess weight gives an increased strain on the legs, which can damage the joints, so it is especially important to keep your figure under control.

In the female body with the advent of menopause hormonal changes occur, which continues with the age. Life is stable and measured, energy costs are reduced. Some people have to take hormonal drugs. All this against the background of slowing metabolism leads to the accumulation of excess weight.

The volume of adipose tissue grows, the total mass of muscles decreases. Weight reduction should occur naturally: without starvation and advertised means of rapid weight loss. This process is gradual and long, be patient.

According to dieticians, women after 50 safely lose 3-4 kilograms per month. This will not cause a health disorder. The best method is to combine a healthy diet with an active lifestyle.

It is necessary to refuse high-calorie foods high in fat.

Forget about sausages, fatty meat and poultry, finished, fatty dairy products. Of these, fat is not digested, but is delayed. Less salty, sharp. It is necessary to limit or exclude completely flour and sweet. Eat foods that do not get better.

Preference should be given to vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy products, milk should be replaced with fermented milk products. It is necessary to consume foods rich in calcium, because it is lost with the years. Lean meat or poultry without skin and fat is enough to eat 70gr per week. Excess protein is also converted to fat.

Enter the diet of fish and seafood.

They contain useful fats and a lot of valuable substances. Be sure to eat greens and berries, which can serve as a natural pharmacy. You can include in the diet whole-grain bread or with bran, from the flour of coarse grinding.

Food should be predominantly boiled or steamed, roasted to exclude. It will be useful to fill the porridges on the water with cream instead of butter. To ensure the body with all the necessary elements you need to consume vitamin-mineral complexes. Sometimes it is enough to stop eating after 18:00, maximum 19:00, so that excess weight is gone forever. Since after 50 years the consumption of calories is reduced, the refusal to eat until the morning brings the result.

  • You can study different diets and choose one, or take recommendations from different diets and combine them. But keep in mind that experts believe the use of strict diets after 50 years is not harmless and not safe. But at the same time, they propose to activate the lifestyle and balance the diet. It would be nice to consult with a nutritionist. Then you will receive valuable individual advice and recommendations on a special system that will give the result without harming your health.
  • But in any case, the success in reducing weight depends on the normal metabolism. Speed ​​it up by daily charging. This sets the intensity of the exchange for the whole day. Regularity of nutrition plays an important role. Food intake should be frequent, small portions.
  • To accelerate the process of losing weight physical exercises are necessary. At the same time, for people after the age of 50 there are features of doing exercises and calculating the volume of loads. It is necessary to avoid overloads of the heart, lungs and general muscle overvoltage. It should be remembered about the decrease in strength of bones due to the washing out of calcium with age. Bones, heart and lungs can not withstand heavy loads. Do not forget to consult a doctor. From physical exertion it is necessary to abstain in cardiovascular diseases, increased pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases.
  • You can start with a quick walk in the morning, preferably in the fresh air, at least before the window. 20-25 minutes is enough. Then you can add other exercises to charge. It’s good to go swimming and ride a bike. It trains the cardiovascular system. Take up dancing. All this will help you maintain muscle tone.
  • If health allows, add strength training. This can be squats, lunges, gymnastics with dumbbells. Such exercises will strengthen and develop the muscles. Muscle growth will increase the consumption of calories. The regularity of classes should be 4-5 times a week for 30-50 minutes. And most importantly – daily walks before going to bed.

In general, you can lose weight after 50 years, even necessary, only to observe the rules of healthy eating, to lead an active life and give the body moderate physical activity. Fat deposits in the body accumulated for years, get rid of them quickly does not work, except that using the technique for weight loss. The main perseverance and regularity in the classes.