How to lose a weight?


Before a woman is physically worked much more than they do now – washing clothes by hand on the board (sometimes even in the cold in winter), pet care, cooking – it was a lot harder and spent much more time than it is now. I had to get up at 4-5 in the morning, use the stove, feed the cattle, and so on until late at night. And there were some women who had to go to work every day on the 9 km. Of course, with such a hectic lifestyle and can not think of counting calories eaten at lunch, and then think, as if the body has time to spend it before the end of the day.

  • In today’s world, we have automatic washing machines, very comfortable lightweight irons, cooktops, vacuum cleaners, we need to revise your diet drastically. Yes, I will agree is not easy to break habits and change their feeding behavior, which transmits your mother’s milk. We are hostages of the childhood, we were fed dinner of fried potatoes with cutlets, obligatory pair of impressive pieces of bread, and of tea with cookies, where the same without him? And to break the stereotype of the accumulated over the years is not easy.
  • But we must pay tribute to the modern slim girls who have found the strength and managed to rebuild his body on the right course, managed to turn itself is not without problems and failures, but with visible results. We often see on TV and in social networks pretty thin persons who have made an effort and finally dropped his coat from the adipose tissue and become free from food addiction.

Studying the history of each and every individually, can be traced to a number of laws, which will undoubtedly entail positive results and changes in the figure. Let us elaborate on these laws, which essentially are called one simple phrase – proper nutrition. They are not so much.

  1.  Be sure to keep your food diary, where every day you will write in detail everything eaten in a day. Why do you need to do – to understand and explain itself, what you eat, how many products do you spend per day.
  2.  During the day should be 6 meals, no more and no less. And a break between each meal should be 2.5-3 hours. During this time, the body recycles all eaten before and preparing for the next food intake.
  3.  Before each meal, 30-40 minutes should drink 1 cup of pure non-carbonated water at room temperature. This will allow the body to speed up all the processes of life, and water gets into the stomach, and you will eat less.
  4.  Physical activity, and any just need a man. Walk, climb on foot up the stairs with no elevator, go to transport one stop earlier and home walk at an average pace, try to run with the kids for a walk instead of sitting on the bench with a handful of seeds, if possible, visit the swimming pool, fitness center …
  5.  Avoid alcohol, especially strong. This is a huge amount of unnecessary calories us, malaise, weight gain. You can afford to occasionally 1 glass of dry white wine, it will even be useful to the body.
  6.  Finally, the content of meals themselves. We – what we eat. Therefore, learn to respect your body, do not pollute it quite useless, harmful products. Sausage, sausage, sweet rolls, cakes – a high-calorie “bomb” that need to be excluded from your diet once and for all.

Following even these simple rules, you will see over time, reflected in the mirror in the form that you will be satisfied.

But do not stop there. Improve yourself, go forward to the goal.