How to narrow pores on your face at home?


How narrow pores on your face at home. Funds pores on his face mask and compresses

Cosmetologists believe that the owners of oily skin are lucky since it has significant advantages over other types. Oily skin begins to age after all – it later wrinkles, dryness and it certainly is not exposed.

You would think that in this case, and problems with care less, but this is not true, and every man who knows firsthand about oily skin, can dispel this misconception.

The main problem of oily skin – enlarged pores, and they bring not just in trouble, but the real torment: they are slaughtered, are responsible for the formation of acne, acne, inflammation and many skin diseases.

  • When the accumulated fat in the pores, they stretch and become more visible, and here black dots – comedones. Not only that, it looks pretty much unattractive, even repulsive, is the condition of the skin is also a health is very bad – because the skin does not breathe, and this, together with other factors, has a negative impact on the metabolism and overall health.
  • Beauty salons now offer many methods of narrowing the pores – this professional techniques, and they give a good effect for a relatively short time. Visit cosmetologists need to, but we should not forget about home remedies that help to maintain the skin in order after salon treatments, the effect of which in this case is preserved for much longer.

How to narrow our pores?

means narrowing the pores on the face
It is known that a well-pores cryotherapy, and do not necessarily go to the salon – you can do Cryomassage home freezing mineral water or a decoction of herbs in the freezer. Diced prepared ice in the morning and evening to wipe face.

Peeling – is not only a cleansing. You can choose a scrub for exfoliation, the components of which has dissolved contents. There are also special creams for enlarged pores – you can buy them in a cosmetic store and use at home.