Hormonal Disorders

  • Do you want to know the causes of many diseases affecting women and get rid of them?


“Hormonal Disorders – The reason many women’s diseases that can be dealt with”

Signs of hormonal disorders

An imbalance of hormones in the female body is the basis of a number of gynecological diseases and pathological conditions, its emotional and physical well-being. Normally, at the same time functioning in the body of male and female hormones must be in a balanced state. However, sometimes there is an imbalance of sex hormones.

Menstrual irregularities

  • On existing hormonal disorders in women is evidenced by the presence of menstrual disorders that can manifest itself in the form of lack of menses, is very scarce or overly heavy discharge, painful menstruation, or short-term.
  • To determine the presence of menstrual cycle is taken into account its duration, regularity, as well as the overall health of women in the period before and during menstruation. On average, normal cycle length should be from 21 to 35 days.
  • Best menstruation duration ranges from two to seven days. This is important regularity in the menstrual duration. Available fluctuations in either direction indicate the presence of health problems, including a hormonal disturbances.
  • Also on the evidence of hormonal disorders and a strong painful menstruation, associated symptoms such as a sudden increase or decrease in blood pressure, frequent dizziness, constant bloating, pronounced swelling, fatigue, general weakness.


  • Hormonal disorders manifest themselves externally. Pay attention to your weight. When did you start to gain weight or lose weight, whether it was due to illness, stress? Keep in mind that excessive adipose tissue, as well as underweight reduces ovarian function. Consider your skin. The increased greasiness, acne is likely to point to the excessive release of male hormones in ovarian dysfunction. The same is said excessive ovolosenenie. Ironically, stretch marks on the skin in nulliparous women – an obvious sign of hormonal disorders.


  • Quite often, hormonal disorders do not allow a woman to become pregnant. This happens due to lack of the hormone progesterone, which contributes to the emergence and development of pregnancy. Progesterone is often called the mother hormone. Usually it is due to his lack of a woman does not become pregnant, or her fertilized cell in the womb is not held for more than two or three days. And the problem with this hormone may not affect the menstrual cycle: it will be normal.
Mammary gland
  • The mammary gland is called the target of sex hormones. The chest should be properly developed, have no seals. In menstruating nipple nothing should stand. Chest at this time may swell, to be sensitive, but do not get sick. Excessive bloating and pain – symptoms of a lack of progesterone.
  • Hormonal disorders can occur during menopause. As a result, age-adjustment of the body is interrupted maturation of follicles and ovulation. At the same time the production of hormones by the body occurs after the cessation of menses.
  • If a hormonal imbalance is not present, menopause takes place without any complications and without the presence of painful phenomena. In the presence of hormonal disorders observed the phenomenon of menopause, which is accompanied by hot flashes, insomnia, irritability, nervousness, depression, high blood pressure. Sometimes this condition is exacerbated by pain in the heart, as well as pains in the joints, the so-called endocrine arthritis.

Causes of hormonal disorders

First of all, hormonal disorders may be hereditary, genetically determined. In this case, will have to work hard to restore the breach.

  • Stress and emotions. Central nervous system directly affects the endocrine, which in turn is responsible for production of hormones. And with an increase in load on the nervous system increases the risk of hormonal disorders. And, above all, suffer reproductive function – the process of follicle maturation, that is the most preparation for pregnancy. That’s how the female body: in the case of any problems, the first thing that fails, – the ovaries.
  • Immunosuppression. If a child is constantly ill woman angina or acute respiratory disease, it is this could cause problems with hormonal sphere in adulthood. Weakened by constant stress or disease, malnutrition, parasites or overwork the immune system, too, in the first place “hits” on the reproductive system of his mistress.
  • Hormonal malfunction can cause an infection transferred – including infections, sexually transmitted diseases. As well as the presence of parasites in the body of a woman, because they reduce the immune defenses