Hemorrhoid Treatment


Treatment of folk remedies for hemorrhoids, treat hemorrhoids at home

Hemorrhoids has long been a companion of human civilization. Previously, it was called the royal disease. It was connected with the alleged fact that the kings were sedentary and often suffered from hemorrhoids. Like it or not, now just can not be established. But in today’s society it has ceased to be the royal hemorrhoids disease. Now they suffer mostly office workers and drivers.

Hemorrhoid Treatment

It is a very complicated and quite expensive. It is said that modern medicine does not contain any therapeutic method, which ensures a complete cure of hemorrhoids and no recurrence of the disease for at least five years. In general, in fact, offer medical treatment are only two ways: first, you are treated candles, and then operating the removal of hemorrhoids. The most annoying thing is that the operation does not solve the problem – the majority of patients passing through the surgical treatment of hemorrhoids, disease develops again. Learn more about all the modern methods of hemorrhoid treatment article Hemorrhoids, Symptoms and Treatment. However, in this article we will talk not about official medicine, but a more effective and absolutely free folk remedies. By the way speaking, some traditional recipes provide a complete cure, at least in remission lasts five years and more. Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that traditional medicine in most cases offers better treatments than the official medicine. But first, let’s talk a little about the causes of hemorrhoids.

Causes of hemorrhoids:

The main reason for hemorrhoids disease – it is a regular congestion of venous blood in the pelvic area. The risk of developing hemorrhoids is increased in the following cases:

  1. – Sedentary work (this category includes virtually all office workers, with the exception of couriers and cleaners, as well as taxi drivers and other drivers);
  2. – Excess weight (even 5 kg of excess weight increases by 40% the risk of developing hemorrhoids);
  3. – Regular constipation;
  4. – Unhealthy diet (this is overeating and eating fried, spicy and smoked foods);
  5. – Anal sex (haemorrhoids is the most common disease among homosexual persons, by the way, very often the representatives of this population to develop cancer of the rectum);
  6. – Stresses (2014 Argentine scientists have proved that stress increases the risk of acute hemorrhoids in exactly two and a half times);
  7. – Lack of sleep and night work;
  8. – Diseases of inflammatory etiology in the pelvic area;
  9. – Heavy physical activity (eg, severe stress, weight lifting, etc.).

The main symptoms:

Separately dwell on the symptoms that accompany the disease with hemorrhoids:

  1. – Hemorrhage (bleeding often occurs during the defecation, or immediately after it, the blood can also be detected in the stool);
  2. – Severe itching of the anus (itching may be accompanied by burning sensation);
  3. – Discomfort (some patients have found a sense of gravity, while others complain of foreign body sensation in the anus);
  4. – The appearance of hemorrhoids;
  5. – Pain on motion;
  6. – Pain when trying to sit down;
  7. – Pain when touching the hemorrhoids;
  8. – Unpleasant and pain during defecation.

We strongly encourage you when any of the above symptoms visit an experienced proctologist. Diagnosis – is the first step to recovery. It should be understood that the visit to the proctologist is not a mere formality. Task proctologist eliminate a dangerous disease (primarily talking about cancer of the rectum). And if an expert diagnosed hemorrhoids, you without problems and fears for his health can move on to the national treatment means, which we describe below.