Hematuria – a symptom in which the urine is released from human blood. This symptom is often the first and only sign of developing the disease. Sometimes, due to the short duration of the phenomenon on the hematuria is not paying attention to any patient is not a doctor, but this behavior is extremely dangerous. Hematuria is a sign of quite serious diseases.

In some cases, if the patient handling error occurs in connection with the symptoms, since the person has applied simply confused dark brown concentrated urine hematuria. In order to ensure that you have symptoms, you should talk with the patient and find out if he did not drink in recent products (such as beets) or medications cause staining of urine in such a tone.

  •    The normal adult human is considered, if at the time of urine studies, it detected 1 erythrocyte or do not show them at all. Hematuria is divided into two types: micro and macro. Urine with gross hematuria gets a shade from pink to brown-brown.

In addition, hematuria is divided into three main types, which differ by source of origin: initial, terminal and total. Each type has its own symptoms and is caused by a particular disease. An initial pathology is caused at the rear part of the urethra, and the blood is detected only in the first urine specimen.

  • The end hematuria indicates lesions in the prostate and bladder neck, the blood can be detected only in the last portion of urine. Total hematuria manifested in a wide variety of kidney diseases, bladder and ureter in this case the blood is constantly observed. To determine the type of hematuria using microscopy of urine sediment.

When glomerular hematuria, there are also manifestations of persistent proteinuria, hematuria itself refers to total mind, that is, all portions of the urine is present blood. Also, many patients have developed in this case, a hemorrhagic syndrome.

  • Hematuria may be a sign of diseases of the cardiovascular system, the liver, the blood; infectious diseases, sepsis. If the glomerular hematuria is a symptom – should not fight its manifestations, but directly with the disease which caused it.

Manifestations are expressed in the absence or low true proteinuria, hematuria but at this stage is in total. These symptoms may indicate bleeding from the kidneys or urinary tract.