Heart Diseases


In its present speed of the world is very high. Man, as a rule, very busy, in consequence of which there is no time even to your health. So our heart and blood vessels are affected and exposed to enormous stress, as well as the heart of the second most important body contributing to a favorable working of the body, it is very important that the work of the heart has been trouble-free.

Many diseases and disorders of the heart became an everyday reality. Often, this occurs because of the present environment, bad habits, and malnutrition. To diagnose heart disease right at home you will need to purchase a semi-automatic blood pressure monitor.

  • Excess weight, obesity also adversely affects the functioning of the heart, which can lead to a lot of trouble in the form of violations of the heart. Is the destruction of the myocardium, violated the integrity of the blood vessels and valve apparatus. One of the most common diseases of the cardiovascular system at the present time – is hypertension. This disease affects more than 35% of the population, mainly middle-aged. Closer to old age, this figure rises to 65%. Hypertension is characterized by constant jumps up blood pressure. Same disease often manifests itself and the person does not know about it until the beginning of hypertensive crisis. In this case, it is important to be diagnosed in time for the early detection of disease.
  • Hypotension, unlike hypertension is characterized by a regular decrease in pressure, in consequence of which a person feels fatigue and lack of strength. Usually the causes of hypotension – a great physical exertion, stress, and a consequence of malnutrition.
  • Coronary heart disease – characterized by inadequate blood flow to the heart muscle, causing it instantly reflected on the physical condition of the person. The main symptoms – a heart attack and regular shortness of breath.