Skin fungus


Hand skin fungus – fight for beauty, health and self-confidence

Fungal disease at the hands of a very common phenomenon, which, however, creates a lot of inconvenience ill. In addition, the fungus or ringworm, is a contagious disease and is transmitted through household items and direct contact with sick people. It causes skin fungus hand pathogens mycotic origin, which are beginning to spread in the body. But in rare cases it is not even happening of infection by the fungus, because it is always a certain amount of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms on human skin, which in the case of lowered immunity, begin to multiply and affect both the upper and deeper layers of skin. It may seem that the fungus is not serious, a cosmetic disease, but in fact it requires immediate treatment to the doctor-dermatologist.Symptoms of skin fungus hands

Emerging signs of illness may be slightly different from each other depending on the type of infection and the stage of its development, but mostly fungus hand skin symptoms are as follows:

  • strong itching, gradually growing more and more, especially after hand washing or exposure to moisture;
  • unpleasant dryness of the skin;
  • observed peeling and burning, turning into pain;
  • the appearance of small bubbles on wet hands;
    often affects the nail plate, the structure of which begins to change, the nails are stratified and change color;
  • When the fungus begins to penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis, the skin thickens and cracks;
  • the formation of ulcers and wounds on the hands.
  • Be sure to know and take into account that fungal skin of hands can easily move to other parts of the body including the face, legs and groin.

Herpes on hands

Sometimes the hands of painful rashes appear, which can take sick of fungus on the skin of the fingers, but most likely it will be a form of herpes – infection caused by herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2. In general, the virus infects the lips or mucous membranes (all known “cold “on the lips or nose), but in some cases it affects the hands and fingers. This is mainly in health care workers, who are constantly engaged in treatment of herpes patients, but the infection can get into the body and through mechanical damage to the skin on the fingers (burrs, dry, cracked skin, cuts, etc.). Visually, herpes on the skin of hands is different from other lesions that they look like a cluster of painful blisters near the nail plate and has a color close to the main color of the skin. In addition, blood tests are conducted microbiological and the content of bubbles. Defeats herpes fingers need to try not to touch other parts of the body, since bubbles can easily burst, and there is a risk to bring an infection. Unfortunately, traces of herpetic vesicles go very bad and in their place are scars. Treatment of this disease should be prescribed by a doctor, but as a whole it will be to accept special antiviral drugs.

Fungus treatment at the hands

Start the fight against fungal skin lesions of hands need to hike to a dermatologist, who will appoint tests in the form of scraping, as a result of which it will be clear what kind of a kind of fungus occurs in this case, and the appropriate treatment. The length of treatment will depend on the extent of the fungus and on whether it has passed or not on the nails. Mainly used to treat fungal skin ointment hand comprising a ekzoderil. But sometimes ekzoderil can also be used as solutions or light cream that is also worth to cover the affected areas of the hands. If the fungus is running, in addition to local therapy prescribed ketoconazole reception inside. There are also special, antifungal tablets, which supersede all for external use. One of the most modern polish – healing coatings that also can be used as a prevention. In addition to official antifungal agents, traditional medicine has in its arsenal are many ways to get rid of the fungus. On the border between official medicine and means grandmother is essential tea tree oil, which should be lubricated with the patients skin of hands. Very popular for solutions to the problem tinea – trays of celandine, which is half a cup of brewed cup of boiling water and infuse for 5 minutes, and then poured into the flask and left for a few hours. In itself infusion to give up, and the rest of the grounds to do applique. Also useful krepkosvarennogo trays of coffee, water, salt and baking soda (1 tbsp. Spoon) or vinegar. After these procedures, it is desirable to put on gloves and socks spa, which will allow the curing agent to penetrate further into the skin, while protecting the damaged fungus hands from external influences and not allowing the fungus to infect other areas of the skin. And the gloves and socks from SpaBelle, also impregnated with precious oils and extracts from plants, which will further help get rid of ringworm. Well proven pine tincture on alcohol, which should be stored in a cool and dark place, smearing her hands affected areas twice a day.

Prevention of fungus on the skin of hands

As a preventive measure against re-infestation of fungi is, first of all, antiseptic treatment of all things, and household items, which are in contact with a person during his illness. If the fungus disturbs periodically, it is not superfluous to use the antifungal lacquer, which are colorless, but strengthen and protect nails from mycotic lesions. Most suffer dermatomycoses people with weak immune systems, so the need to strengthen the immune system in different ways. From visits to crowded places such as saunas and swimming pools should refuse, and in nail salons to pay attention to sanitary processing tools.