Hair analysis

Hair analysis
Hair analysis

70% of all citizens suffer from hair and scalp problems. The reasons are so diverse that they can hardly be treated effectively with the hair water from the drugstore market. To determine the causes – Eg wrong products, wrong treatment, nutritional deficiencies, diets, drugs or certain life situations – it is necessary to make a reasonable diagnosis.

Over the last 20 years, we have been intensively trained to help you on your way to full or long hair. For a well-founded diagnosis we take a lot of time and need a lot of information in advance. They are interested? Then please fill out our hair analysis questionnaire, send it by e-mail or give it directly in the salon. Afterwards, we need a week time to prepare for the consultation with you.

We tackle your problem at the root:

At our conversation, we will discuss the causes of your problem. Our information and the results of modern devices with which we measure the cell structure of your hair serve as a basis for us. Looking at your scalp, we gain valuable insights. After that, we develop an individual treatment plan in which we accompany you all the time. Ultrasonic and color light therapy devices support the various treatment stages.

Hair Loss

People are losing more and more hair in recent years, and research is being done more and more on WHY. Dutch scientists have carried out tests and trials over the last 10 years and have found calcium phosphate excretions to be the cause.

Calcium phosphate hardens the hair follicles during the excretion, the collagen and protein in the skin pore becomes hard and dry. Hardened collagen blocks the hair roots in the scalp, the receptors can no longer absorb the nutrients. The hair follicle dries out in the skin pore and breaks off. The growth phases become shorter, the hair roots can not regenerate sufficiently.

The sooner you do something about it, the faster the help is possible.

What can you do? Calcium phosphate deposits can only be dissolved by salicylic acid. The salicylic acid contained in Iper osmosis dissolves the calcified deposits; osmosis treats the residues of the dissolved deposits from the skin. The hair root must be treated with new nutrients after treatment with Iper osmosis, which is best done with the Ipo osmosis. The metabolism should be activated by the tea for better hair growth (enriched with drink red).

Treatment: Clean the hair and scalp with the energetic rehabilitation shampoo, then treat the scalp with the reha astringent. Skin breathing is activated. Once a month, do a scalp osmosis and drink 1 liter of tea daily for better hair growth to keep the metabolism active, add 2 tsp drink red to the tea.

The result: the calcium phosphate deposits are precipitated. The hair root can be supplied with sufficient nutrients again.