How to give up drinking booze?

All bad, harmful and unhealthy habits are part of a person’s life much faster than good. Smoking person gets used faster than a gym. Alcohol prefers soft holidays, drug substitutes lack of joy in life. But to say goodbye to these addictions is much harder than it used to. And no doubt each dependent person tried to quit smoking, drinking, drug use, but to no avail. So how do you stop drinking once and for all? How to help a person stop drinking?

Drinker husband, brother, son – real grief in the family. The severity of the relatives and friends of the situation is compounded by the fact that alcohol-dependent person does not want to be aware of their affection for him, it is a disease. How to get him to stop drinking? Yes, it is very difficult, but in this case, as indeed in all situations, when used violent impact, the result will be. You can not force an adult to do what he wants. Therefore, you need to think about how to make sure that he wanted to get rid of the addiction to alcohol. A desire and motivation – this is very important, without them result in the changes will not. And surely family members and relatives dependent know where his passion began when he started drinking. They may not know the true cause of alcoholism. Understand the causes of alcoholism should be individually. If this is a problem at work, you need to find a way to solve them. When they are not solved, it may still be working with such a goodbye? If unanswered feelings or treason (men often drink to forget a woman), the human need to switch to something, try to introduce the other, in the end, make sure that it is not worth it – good, smart, strong, which is able to cope with all the problems. That is close to be to find the cause of alcoholism and to try to eradicate it or weaken. The second point. An important role in the life of every person plays his relationship with his father. Psychologists have concluded that paternal power is needed for each of us. It is the foundation of our spiritual strength, durability and hardness. If a person is not enough emotional connection with her father, or her lacked as a child, he did not have the strength to build their lives normally. Lack of vitality manifests itself in the craving for drinking, living with addictions. What to do if the father, for example, long ago died or threw his son, when he was very young, and he grew up without a father? Correct children’s grievances and past life impossible. It is necessary that such a person has gained the strong support and assistance in this life. This can be a strong and strong-willed wife, a good friend, a brother, a colleague who is an authority for the drinker. Very often the reason for a person to enter the network of alcohol is a sense of guilt for a specific action. And here, too, it is important to find out what it is eating, what he regrets, and that tries to forget with a glass in his hand. When people realized that really depends, he needed help to stop drinking, and it must be done without criticism, and mentions of past drinking bouts, the binge, the lost money. The past can not be changed, but today, tomorrow and the future life can always send in the right direction.