Girls hormonal background

Girls hormonal background
Girls hormonal background


Girls hormonal background in this period of life the only is established, therefore infringements at them meet quite often. To the doctor it is necessary to address in a case when the moment of occurrence of the first menstruation has passed or has taken place more year.


Moving, especially in another climatic zone, can cause a violation. Sharp climate change is a kind of stress for the body. Normalization of the menstrual cycle occurs after the body gets used to the new living conditions; Excessive physical or emotional stress. Two of these factors are often negatively reflected on the health of modern women. During stress in the body, too much hormone prolactin is produced. Excess of the latter leads to inhibition of the ovulation process, respectively, the cycle fails. Restore sexual health will help a full rest, quality night sleep, soothing drugs; Hormonal imbalance.

Deviations may be associated with pathologies of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which are accompanied by a violation of the production of their hormones. Why this happens, the endocrinologist will be able to tell; Diseases of the reproductive system. The cause of delays may be cervical disease, inflammation of the uterus, appendages, cysts and polyps. Often, such ailments are treated only through surgical intervention; Reception of hormonal contraceptives. This can happen during the reception of those, as well as after the cancellation. In such a situation, consultation with a gynecologist is required. If a woman is still taking birth control pills, you may need to stop the course; Pregnancy and lactation.

During the carrying of the baby, the absence of menstruation is normal. After cessation of breastfeeding, the cycle should be restored. If bleeding occurs during pregnancy, you must call an emergency caregiver, as miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy may occur; Pre-climax. In women aged 40-45 years, this is a harbinger of menopause; Spontaneous or forced abortions. Such a negative effect on the status of the uterus, so the monthly can be delayed. Often such factors cause infertility; Sudden and severe weight loss or obesity. Many women are interested that if I’m on a diet, then can there be a monthly malfunction?

With excessively strict and lengthy diets, of course, this can happen. Malnutrition and, especially, starvation lead to the body experiencing stress. He perceives such a regime as hard times, accordingly, in every possible way excludes pregnancy. As a result, natural protection is included, which provokes a delay. If a woman thinks that with a strict diet, even a short-term diet, nothing serious happens, she is mistaken. When a woman at a doctor’s appointment says “I’m on a diet”, he should first examine her for nutritional deficiencies. Too fast weight gain also negatively affects the functioning of the body and leads to delays and other pathologies.