Eyes Health


Eyes – our most important sensory organ. The lion’s share of information about the outside world thanks to the vision we have. Not by chance on something very valuable, we say that we will cherish as the apple of his eye. Any deterioration of the eye brings a lot of inconvenience, and not to mention the loss of vision! Let’s see, what determines the health of our eyes, and how to keep a keen eye to old age.

Vision vs Monitor

The human eye – the most complicated organ of perception of environmental information. And state vision is influenced by many factors: stress, we are exposed to the eye, what we eat, where we live and what kind of lifestyle in general conduct.

  • Today, printed materials began to replace computers, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. Abandon these creature comforts we could not even if they wanted to – they are so firmly established in our lives. Yes, and whether to get rid of useful new products? But it is important to know what kind of damage we can cause to the eyes, and how to avoid it.
  • The impact of long-term work at the computer on the health of the eye greatly fatigued during prolonged work at the computer, they have the feeling of a burning sensation, and the eyelids grow heavy and blush? Chances are you have been a victim of computer vision syndrome (GLC). In this disease there are two varieties.
  • First, asthenopia, typical for those long hours reading from the monitor (especially from the screens of smart phones, which are too exposed to the fine print). For eyestrain characterized by a distinct pain in the eyes and involuntary watering. In the future, it is fraught with nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Another type of GLC – dry eye syndrome. There he was, because in the continuous scrutinizing the monitor we forget to blink, and as a result, cornea is moistened enough. Symptoms of this syndrome – feeling of sand under the eyelids, burning, itching, discomfort from bright light.

The daily routine for the eyes:

In order to avoid discomfort and prevent the development of serious diseases, right from this moment we begin to follow uncomplicated but very effective advice.

  • Learning 20-20-20 rule. Every twenty minutes, keep your eyes away from the screen for twenty seconds and focus sight on the object, located no closer than twenty meters away from you. It is best to consider the landscape in the window, and in the absence of such – the neighboring houses or passers-by.
  • Eye shower * holds regular eye shower. To do this, type in the palm of cold water, bring to the face so that her eyes sank into it, and a couple of seconds to open the eyelids. So we moisten the cornea, will remove irritation and smoem street dust.
  • If symptoms persist GLC do not forget to use drops such as “artificial tears” – they soothe and moisturize the eyes and mucous are more lubricated during blinking.
  • Every hour and a half of work at the computer doing exercises for the eyes. Not necessarily choose some complex set (it is hard to remember, and colleagues will look askance). Some simple exercises: moving his eyes from top to bottom and left to right, rotate the pupils at clockwise and counterclockwise, draw the eyes of the Group of Eight in the horizontal and vertical planes. You can use all the same kind of outside, alternately concentrating look at a distant object and a point near the other.

The mirror of the soul … and habits!

  • On cigarette packs and bottles with alcoholic beverages written warnings to health by chance. But we usually mean by this disease of the lungs, heart, liver … Meanwhile, in our view, these habits also have a devastating impact.
  • “Tobacco blindness” .Nikotin leads to a violation of color, which, of course, and you can go through if you are a driver or a designer – in this case affected your aptitude. Smoking can lead to impaired vision and even complete loss of it – we have a special medical term “tobacco blindness.” Strong drinks alcohol intoxication causes the optic nerve, which is the danger of destruction of nerve fibers and reduced vision.
  • Ardent advocates of a healthy lifestyle may also be at risk. Dangers subjected themselves supporters of strict vegetarianism, mono- and raw food diet, as well as followers of the strict diets. Lack of vitamins and trace elements, which is inevitable in such a serious dietary restrictions, adversely affects the whole body, and vision, of course, is suffering too.

Products useful for eyes if you eat rationally, often try to include in their menu foods that are useful for the eyes. These include not only the carrots and blueberries, and other fruits and vegetables: lettuce, spinach, zucchini and corn, avocado and all the varieties of cabbage. It is beneficial to use a grapefruit vision, it is important to only have it with walls. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to chew sunflower seeds and nuts, especially pistachios.

It should be noted that if you follow the rules of safety and redness, dryness and pain in the eyes do not disappear on their background or there is swelling and suppuration, be sure to contact your doctor – this may be symptoms of an infectious disease.

Take care of your vision, and then your mirror of the soul is clean and shining for years.