Exercise in osteoarthritis


There in the article and exercise in osteoarthritis. The effect is just magic for all. (Personal experience)

Recently I read an article of Bubnovskii doctor about how to treat arthritic joints of the knee and the cause of this disease. So far I found such information only on the lap, so I decided to share. The underlying cause of this disease is always an infection or injury. Infection cure easier, because now there are antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agents. The earlier start treatment knee osteoarthritis, the better, because purulent infection treated harder. For example, we have in Krasnodar forbidden to interfere into the joint, to make the injection. From his experience I would say, first I was sick on top of the joint, and of the muscles and ligaments. Then I agreed to enter the implant joint fluid. 3 days I did not go, the summer, and then I started this inflammation that I treated him for six months and earn allergic to all medications. But this retreat so to speak.

  • So go ahead, and goes on inflammation within the joint, muscles and ligaments surrounding the joint and is called arthritis. And we begin to feel sorry for the joint, move less, take a stick to help to relieve the load on the joint. In principle, it is correct. There are people who feel sorry for the joint once, they keep a normal working life. As a result, because of the stress on the affected joint, which is also treated and how any such packs of kerosene and cabbage leaves, develops osteoarthritis knee joint, its deformation. And he did not develop immediately. The body includes a compensating function grows spikes within the joint that they are not meshed. That erroneously called the deposition of salts. Although it is only a pathologist knows really. Develops arthritis and those who regret the joint, because it does not move, we can not. Why is this happening? Because it gradually develops a contracture of muscles and ligaments. And they can no longer protect the joint. Moreover, the weakened muscles from stress microfractures can get that then overgrown by connective tissue, and this is one disease.
  • Contracture develops after plaster. And even for those who just sedentary work. And advised to go higher. This stress on the joints. And therefore it is necessary at this time no longer walk, and do not the dynamic load on the muscles and ligaments. Because muscle is a micropump, and that micropump does: he shakes the nutrients for cartilage and joint lubrication. No matter how much you drink medicines, if the blood circulation is poor, and they go to a little joint. It is necessary to carefully and gradually stretch the muscles of the front of the thigh and the back of the leg. All of these exercises of yoga.
  • For example, in India, the exercise is done every morning, which is called the sun salutation. In this exercise, it stretches almost all the muscle groups and it is just 6 minutes. There are other exercises, such as sitting on a flat surface and pulling the legs, you pull the sock feet to the chest, without bending your leg (I’ll let the photo). In this case the back surface is stretched leg. On the day you need to do so 100 times (100 times sip). This exercise can be done lying down in bed, pulling the sock first leg and then pulling him to her, stretching the calf muscle. 50 times in the morning, 50 at night and normal.
  • And, oh people, I’ll tell you the glad tidings, with varicose veins treated. Apparently tense muscles and compress the arteries and veins. Pass the unbearable pain in the legs when at night you do not know how to put your foot to fall asleep. In short, removing contracture of muscles, improves blood circulation and we are. Of course, earning as expected, the muscles when walking take the burden on themselves, remove it from the joint. I believe that improved blood circulation and muscles to do their job and kneading massage.
  • I once read, that the knee joint must withstand a load of 3 tons, it is in normal muscle. And we say, you lose weight you need to remove the burden from the joints, and I thought all, why then thin with chopsticks go? But to lose weight, of course, I need not argue. By the way all the products that nourish the joint, they thicken the blood and arterial and venous, and it is necessary not to forget. Non-hormonal anti-inflammatory agents, which constantly have to remove the pain, corroding the mucosa. In general, the treatment of consequences rather than causes, is running in circles. So what we are doing exercises. By the way, I already have success yesterday lifted grandson in his arms … .. there were no consequences. Doctor advises Bubnovsky also walk on their knees from literally two steps through the pain. Do not forget that not hurt the joints and muscle tissue, cartilage no nerve endings. And here are a few of the body’s autoimmune reactions in which the body destroys the cartilage itself.
  • I added the exercises for the knees of a set of “Chinese Qigong”, it is not only aligned with aura, but also worked out all the muscles around the knee.