Drugs side effects


Diseases due to developing treatments- called iatrogenic. The most famous of these include allergic reactions are: liver disease and drug nephritis (kidney disease). All the unwanted effects that may occur while taking medicines or that are listed in the summary in the “Side Effects”. Among the adverse effects decided to allocate significant and clinically insignificant.

When talking about insignificant effects, even a high probability of side effects, as a rule, is not a basis for the doctor not to prescribe the patient. This is a case where the benefits of treatment outweigh the possible risks. Yet among insignificant consequences, there are those who are seriously disturbed patients, and dramatically reduce their adherence to treatment. These side effects include the drug’s effects on body weight, the possible development of obesity.

What you should know:

  • Indeed, there are certain drugs, or rather, group of drugs, the reception of which eventually leads to weight gain. These include, for example, some psychotropic drugs (neuroleptics, antidepressants), systemic glucocorticosteroids sex hormone drugs (e.g., hormonal contraception), insulin and insulin secretagogues (sulfonylureas and glinides). It is important to know that these drugs are usually (with the exception of oral contraceptives) are appointed for a very serious, sometimes vital indications. Cancel the treatment can cause serious harm to health, even life-threatening.

Why is this happening?

  • The cause of weight gain may be different metabolic effects (changes in certain biochemical reactions in the body). In the case of psychotropic drugs is a change in the concentration of specific substances in the brain that regulate appetite and feeding behavior. Systemic glucocorticoids, sex hormones, stimulants of insulin secretion and increase insulin levels in the blood. Excess insulin, in turn, stimulates appetite and causes overeating and promotes the accumulation of adipose tissue.
  • There are drugs that increase the weight, but not at the expense of body fat. Thus, preparations of male sex hormones increase the weight, increasing muscle mass. Preparations of glucocorticoids, thiazolidinediones, some calcium channel antagonists, and drugs with antipyretic and analgesic effect can trap fluid in the body, which will also be manifested in the extra pounds on the scale.
    Uncontrolled intake of multivitamin supplements during pregnancy can lead to macrosomia (large size) of the fetus. The purpose of each of vitamins and minerals should be justified, otherwise more harm than good.

How to reduce the risk?

In order to minimize the risk of weight gain during treatment, you need to follow these rules:

  1. It is necessary to discuss with your doctor how likely the development of obesity in your case. It should ask all the questions and answers, so that in case of side effects during treatment, you understand what is happening.
  2. It should be in a timely manner under the supervision of a physician to reduce the dose and time to stop taking.
  3.  Do not disturb mode of drug administration (time of day, eating, compatibility with other drugs, alcohol and so on.).
  4.  It is impossible to prevent overeating: control the amount of food and its calorie content.
  5.  You can not arbitrarily start and stop taking all these drugs.