Love and work will help to forget about sweets

Sugar, pastries, sweets give us a lot of calories. And if you want to save the figure? According to specialists, many people eat sweet only to “recharge” with positive emotions. That is, the craving for sweets is purely psychological. How to avoid it? To do this, there are many proven ways that do not spoil the shape.

The idea is to achieve the same psychological effect that is generally achieved by eating sweets. After all, we tend to be drawn to the sweet, when we are too nervous, are under stress, we are bored or sad … Chocolate piece of cake or a portion of ice cream perfectly calm us, lead to a state of mental equilibrium, and made to feel that life is beautiful! So why not to do the same in other ways?

Method one. Find some fun

This could be an interesting book, a cool movie or CD with music, which will give you a real pleasure … And, perhaps, going to the bowling alley or on the cat show … In short, it should be something that will give you one hundred percent positive feelings. After that, the desire to try sweet certainly blunt.

Method two. Talk to someone who is pleasant to you

Communication can take place in any way – you can come to a person to visit, call, call it a dialogue on “ICQ” … However, virtual ways preferable, as in person you will be hard to resist the temptation to mention meeting at least tea with cookies and coffee and a bun …
The main thing – the person should cause you only positive emotions and communication with him – to bring joy.

The third way. Make love

Not necessarily in the sense which is usually put in these words. You can with someone to flirt, go on a date, do assign someone a date … And you can have sex with a temporary or permanent partner. If you find yourself absorbed romantic or erotic feelings, and even experience an orgasm – believe me, you will forget about the sweets for a long time! However, remember that the date should not be associated with eating high-calorie dessert!

Method fourth. Immerse yourself in the job!

The work should be of interest to you, otherwise it will certainly be tempted to “sweeten”. But if you will experience the euphoria at the mere thought of the project for which you have to take now, the sweet “doping” you probably do not need.

Method fifth. Go shopping

Not by Product! Buy yourself something for the soul – a new dress, a bottle of perfume or some nice little thing that will truly warm your soul! This will cancel the need for a “reception” sweet.

The method of the sixth.

Visit the beauty salon, make a new hairstyle, make-up, try the newly purchased shoes and a suit or take a bath with aromatic salt, or go to the pool … You will surely get both physical and moral satisfaction from the fact that cares about your body and trying to be beautiful … And then, sweet you will not want to.

The process of the seventh. Limit portion of sweet

If the hand is very attracted to sweets, at least, do not eat the whole cake and not spoil a box of chocolates! Eat a small piece of cake or chocolate, take a piece of candy to tea … Everything! His dose “antigrustina” you have already received, which means that the rest can be put off until later, or to treat the household.

You can enter the dose receiving sweets for the day. For example, no more than one cake, candy or two single serving of ice cream.

The process of the eighth. Replace sweets less calorie foods

In fruits also contain sugar. But it is not as bad as the one in the cakes. I wanted a sweet, well, very, very much! – Eat an apple, pear, orange … That’s just bananas or grapes have not – them still get fat!

For the sweet tooth, which can not grow out of his addiction, there are dried fruits. Keep a bag of dried apricots or prunes, and as soon as he shall think about candy – reach for a handful of dried out yummy … By the way, dried fruit and perfectly suitable for tea. You can put them on the bottom of the cup with tea leaves and pour boiling water. The effect is about the same, but with little or no harm to the figures!