Condition of skin


Is it possible to independently improve the color and condition of the skin?

Detrimental effect and chlorinated water from the tap is used for washing, surface care, addictions (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol) and, in addition, a bad vacation, malnutrition, climatic conditions (wind, frost, sunlight). Daily stress and chronic dehydration is also not the best way affect the skin. Clean skin without papillomas and warts! Learn how to get rid of the hated points … All this together affects the complexion. In men, the skin grows old is usually several times faster, because they rarely resort to comprehensive care for her even at home.

What diet should be followed?

Before purchasing a variety of creams and masks for the face, you should pay attention to the daily diet. If any health problems are present, then adjust the power enough to become a healthy complexion, and the skin – toned and elastic. The weekly diet should include: foods that contain gelatin; fiber; fresh fruits and vegetables; cereals; vegetable ingredients. It is noteworthy that properly chosen diet helps to improve skin tone in 40 years, and later, too. The body should not be depleted and fast, but cleansed of toxins and harmful toxins – is necessary. For example, it is necessary to limit itself in the use of sweet, starchy foods, fatty and fried, with an emphasis on salads with fresh cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, fruit. Herbal infusions not only cleaned of toxins, normalize bowel and pancreas, but also perfectly compensate for the shortage of fluid. The latter is extremely dangerous – than the less moisture goes, the faster dries and ages the skin complexion.

Enough shy warts and papillomas!

Doctors presented non-invasive way to remove them. Secrets hair growth in the home! A thick mane of this month. Bags and wrinkles go away for 3 days, and I will tell you what to do! Alla Pugacheva again in a mini. Its slimness recipe for all ages! Always worth to focus on the further enrichment of the body with vitamins, especially during the off-season. Vitamins, in which the skin needs most keenly: A; FROM; AT; E. Balanced ready mineral complexes help to significantly slow down the aging process. By the way, a way to change the complexion for the better good for men because just enough time to take vitamins. Nutritious masks course, improve skin color for 1 day will not work, however there are a few proven natural masks, which help significantly to freshen the face, as well as get rid of some of the problems (wrinkles, acne, acne).

At home, they can prepare on their own for a few minutes.

1. The mask of cucumber. On the wonderful effects of cucumber juice on the skin can not speak. From the same vegetables cooked and nourishing and refreshing mask to align the tone face. Cucumber finely rubbed on a grater, then mix with a teaspoon of cream spoon, which is used on a daily basis. The resulting mass is applied evenly on the face. Keep it should be about 10 minutes, then rinse with cool water. The mask not only refresh the skin, but will make it more elastic, soft and clean. 2. The mask of carrot. Since it is necessary to be careful, because the carrot tends to paint all in orange. Therefore, it is added raw egg and grated potatoes. The ingredients are mixed to a slurry and applied to the face in a thick layer. You can massage the skin to juice from the potatoes and carrots are well absorbed into the dermis.

Exposure time – 5-7 minutes. This mask helps to improve the condition of problem skin, as penetrates deep into the pores, cleaning them. 3. The mask of fruit. The melons, banana, grapes contain large amounts of antioxidants. Based on fruit often make facial masks. Housing ingredients need only be cut into small pieces and then put them on the skin, removed after 20 minutes. There they can no longer be, as they are pulled out of the upper and middle layers of the epidermis toxins and harmful substances. 4. The mask of sour cream. Fresh, not too greasy cream is also used as a mask for the face. Adding it does not need anything, simply apply it with a thick layer on the skin, leave for 20 minutes. It is noteworthy that the dairy product not only aligns the tone and color of the person, but also promotes healing of minor wounds and lesions.