Care for lashes: make them stronger, thicker and longer.


For all women who dream of luxurious eyelashes.

Truth is that thick, long and curved eyelashes give a feminine look special appeal and expressiveness, additional needs no comment. Otherwise I would have never been invented or cosmetic mascara or eyelash different ways, either overhead accessories for them. For most women, the expression “care of lashes” for some reason it is a condescending smile, then puzzled.

Eyelashes have almost the same structure as the hair, and thus nearly the same cosmetic problems. They can fall out, break down, become thin and faded. All this – the consequences of the use of low-quality cosmetics, inflammatory diseases, allergic reactions to medications, vitamin deficiencies. In some cases, eyelash condition worsens due to the development of internal diseases of the body.

  • “The life of” one human eyelashes on average from one hundred to one hundred and fifty days, and the natural process of renewal of eyelashes is almost imperceptible: at that time, while “grow old” and one falls, the other will have time to grow, new. Length healthy eyelashes on the upper eyelid typically is ten millimeters, and at the bottom – an average of seven millimeters. If the hair on your head can grow older or aging man change color and turn gray, then lashes nothing like this happens – they always maintain the same natural shade.
  • Proper care of eyelashes starts with a competent makeup remover. Regular ink in evening dress is removed from the eye with a special emulsion or cosmetic milk. To remove waterproof mascara is more suitable two-phase lotion with oil. The means of moistened cotton pad, apply it for half a minute to cover-century and then careful movements, being careful not to stretch the skin and remove makeup.
  • Professional cosmetologists do not recommend to get involved waterproof mascara, because it denies the possibility of full lashes to “breathe”. It is unacceptable to use the old, “overdue” mascara: not only that it will fold on the eyelashes unaesthetic lumps, so can still cause painful reactions. Eyelash curlers, so beloved by many of the fair sex, it is advisable to use after applying mascara, and not vice versa, otherwise without traumatic consequences can not do.

To strengthen the lashes and stimulate their growth used virtually the same techniques that have long proven themselves on the positive side in the theory and practice of the care of hair. This primarily refers to the various masks and curative rinsing. In particular, the beneficial effects on the state of the eyelashes castor oil: it is applied to a special brush. Oil in any case should not get into the eyes, it can cause irritation of the conjunctiva.

  • Castor oil can be successfully replaced by pink, almond, sea buckthorn, peach, olive, sunflower, mineral oil and natural petroleum jelly, which comes in the form of a clear gel. In addition, the modern pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies offer complete oily formulations to enhance eyelashes, which are usually sold in stores and pharmacies.
  • Be sure to benefit lashes washing herbal decoctions. As a basis for its preparation should be fine cornflower, chamomile, calendula and even parsley. Broth moisten cotton pads and apply them to your eyes. The exhibition shall be kept for ten or fifteen minutes.
  • And in the bank of traditional medicine has amazing recipes that once again confirm the infinity of the human imagination. One of these recipes – eyelash treatment “paper” fat. Glass beaker covered with a conical cap made of paper, which is ignited on. The combustion process of the glass walls will settle oily substance was brown – this is the same “paper” fat. His carefully collected with a spatula and then applied using a brush to the eyelashes throughout.