Brown spots: how to prevent them?


The color of the skin is dependent on how much of melanin therein. If brown spots appearing on the face and body, it can not be called pleasant. From this disease no one is safe. Brown spots appear not only as a consequence of age-related changes in the body, most often they occur much earlier, and we ourselves are to blame: misuse the sun and do not care about your skin properly.

We will tell you, by giving rise to spots, how to prevent their occurrence, and how to get rid of existing ones.

The spots and freckles appear in the spring with the first rays of the sun, become more distinct after the summer. Over the summer, if you spent much time in the sun and intense sunbathing, it increases the number of new spots.

Causes of pigmentation:

The color of the skin is dependent on how much of melanin therein. If certain areas of the skin melanin produced irregularly, in which case there are dark spots different in color and size. The main causes of spots – is hormonal changes in the body (not just age), certain diseases and prolonged exposure to the sun.

The appearance of spots on the skin – it is a signal, the body warns you that something is wrong:

  • – Disrupted endocrine glands (adrenal glands, gonads)
  • – Disrupted the liver and biliary tract,
  • – Intoxication and chronic infections ie,
  • – Weakened immune system, impaired metabolism of vitamin or athletic balance (lack of vitamin C)
  • – Sunburn.

Prevent the appearance of age spots occurring after excess sun can, if properly protect your skin from the sun. To do this, you need to choose the right cream for sunburn and sun exposure as much as allowing your phototype. This is what we have written.

The cream does not help? Did you take into account their “internal clock”?

Another important point – there are spots on the sun, if before going to the beach you have applied to the skin perfumes, deodorants Alcohol-based, anti-bacterial soap showered. If the body lacks vitamin C, the appearance of pigmentation guaranteed.

Do not squeeze yourself pimples on the face and body at the site of the former acne can appear spots, especially if your skin is prone to the appearance of freckles.

How to prepare your skin to the sun?

To this we must prepare in advance: in the winter and autumn lean on citrus fruit, drink water with lemon, propyl vitamin complex. Eat green onions and bell peppers. In summer, an excellent source of vitamin C – currants. At any time, Wash your face with sour milk or buttermilk at least once a week. In spring and summer wipe your face with the juice of parsley mixed with lemon juice.

The best way to protect the face from the sun – on the street and on the beach in sunny weather, wear sunglasses and use sunscreen with a high protection factor. The beach close the face Panama.

If stains have appeared:

From some spots, especially new ones, you can get rid of at home with the help of folk remedies, old stains can be removed in a beauty salon. Let’s start with the home recipes.


  1. – Rinse face cucumber and lemon cocktail (juice and pulp of fresh cucumber, mix with the juice of half a lemon), or a paste of fresh cucumbers, grated, put on the face for 15 minutes,
  2. – Wipe your face with sour milk, yogurt, broth of lime blossom,
  3. – Wipe the spots themselves grapefruit juice, lemon, currant,
  4. – A quarter cup of sour milk, mix with a tablespoon of oatmeal and half a teaspoon of grated horseradish. The resulting mixture was put between two layers of cheesecloth and leave on the face for 20 minutes,
  5. – Peppers grate, resulting mush apply on face for half an hour. After the procedure, lubricate the face of nourishing cream,
  6. – A mask made from wheat or rice flour: 2 hours spoon of flour mix with a spoon of vinegar for 1 hour and 1 hour a spoonful of honey, a mask is applied to the face for 15-30 minutes,
  7. – Pour boiling water over chopped parsley, let it stand for 2-3 hours; strained broth moisten the face several times a day,
  8. – Remove the pronounced dark spots, you can use lotion: 100 g of hydrogen peroxide 4-5 g +
  9. Another important point – there are spots on the sun, if before ammonia. Lotion is applied for 10-15 min.- Mask: to the whipped egg white into foam, add a bit of comminuted boric acid and one teaspoon of fresh cream; Mix all into a homogeneous mass, put on the face for 30-40 minutes.