Blood-brain barrier


Scientists have been able to commit such a break through the blood-brain barrier. (BBB)

  • A group of Canadian doctors from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre for the first time was able to deliver chemotherapy drugs directly into the brain using ultrasound, says CTV News.
  • Doctors first entered the drug intravenously with mikrosokopicheskim air bubbles. After doctors by means of ultrasound bubble forced to contract and expand in the required areas of the brain.
  • Thus it was possible to create gaps in the network cells of the BBB. The latter is a kind of protection against microbes and toxins filter between the central nervous system and circulatory system.
  • Thanks to the “holes”, doctors were able to deliver the drug directly into the brain of the patient. After the air bubble remains in the circulatory system and is absorbed entering the lungs. A hole formed in the blood-brain barrier without interference disappears after 8-12 hours.

Doctors will fight against cancer, “nano-grenades”

Genetic engineering first helped leukemia:

  • At the moment, scientists hope that the efficiency of the method is confirmed clinically and doctors will be able to bring the treatment of diseases of the brain to a new level.
  • Previously, because of the filter BBB physicians had prescribed to patients critically high doses of drugs, just not knowing whether at least some of them to overcome the barrier and affect the brain.
  • As noted by one of the study authors Kullervo quinine, about 98 percent of modern drugs against Alzheimer’s disease or stroke can not overcome the blood-brain barrier.

Thus the new technique, if successful, will be able to influence the course of the extent of the disease, previously thought to be hopeless.
Earlier, the first recorded case of “infection” of human cancer.