Biliary dyskinesia


For diseases of the biliary system characterized by pain, diarrhea disorders, jaundice, itchy skin. Pains appear in the right upper quadrant, at least in the right upper quadrant and epigastric region; give to the right shoulder, right shoulder; worse after eating fatty, spicy, spicy and fried foods after exercise, bumpy ride, sometimes with a change in body position. If the pain occurs suddenly attacks, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, they are called biliary colic and are more likely to testify in favor of cholelithiasis. A number of patients on the background of a more or less weak constant pain in the right upper quadrant appear short boli.Pri strong abdominal palpation in the right bodrebere determined soreness. Typical burp bitterness. Vomiting naturally accompanies biliary colic. Jaundice is caused by a blockage – temporary or permanent – hepatic or common bile ducts and is called mechanical.

Biliary dyskinesia

  • Dyskinesia or (violation of movements), biliary tract – a functional disorder in which there is no organic, structural changes in the gall bladder and ducts, and broken only by their motor function. It is noted excessive or insufficient contraction of the gallbladder, uncoordinated activities in the opening and closing of ducts. Causes of psoriasis are recognized acute and chronic stressful situations underlying intrapersonal conflicts, a certain value is also increased sensitivity to certain foods (allergy).

Signs of psoriasis can be divided into “Local” symptoms, mainly pain and general manifested psychological state changes.

Pains appear in the right upper quadrant. They are uncertain, dull, aching, lasting from several hours to several days. Pain can also be a strong cramping, often short-lived. Jaundice, fever does not exist.

Characterized as constant fatigue, bad mood, sleep disorders and appetite, often men and women problems in intimate life.

  • In such situations, should seek medical advice and to conduct the necessary research. The diagnosis of psoriasis may be raised, will not be detected if other organic diseases of the gallbladder and ducts. At the same time, during the X-ray or ultrasound frequently found violations of motor activity of the gallbladder – slowing the evacuation of bile, or, conversely, too energetic, strong reduction. The nature of these disorders depends on the treatment.
  • Patients with decreased tone of the gallbladder, bile flow deceleration is desirable to eat more often (5-6 times a day), because each meal stimulates the secretion of bile from the gallbladder. It is useful to have in the diet products, also stimulates the secretion of bile. This vegetable oil can be added to salads, cereals; as well as a large number of fresh fruit and vegetables (“green diet”). Possess strong choleretic effect sorbitol and xylitol, a substance used as sugar substitutes. It is useful to conduct “blind” Duodenal intubation 1-2 times a week. Appliances such procedure is simple. In the morning on an empty stomach it is necessary to lie down on the right side and to the liver put a heating pad warm, 10-15 minutes to drink dissolved in warm water 1 to 2 teaspoons of sorbitol or xylitol, to lie down afterwards on a heating pad for 30 minutes. Sorbitol or xylitol dose should be adjusted to the fact that, after its reception was not diarrhea. Effective massage the anterior abdominal wall.

If the tone of the gall bladder increased, reductions stronger, blind duodenal sounding better not to. Appointed cholagogue drugs that stimulate the production of bile more fluid and facilitate its isolation. The most effective herbal Bile.

Many herbs have choleretic properties. The most frequently used everlasting, corn silk, yarrow, nettle, calendula, burdock, dandelion. Charges (mixture) of these plants can be sold as a choleretic tea. 1 tablespoon dried plant, or a mixture is poured in the evening cup of boiling water, allowed to stand for 12 hours, filtered, used 2 times a day before meals for 1/2 cup.

By Cholagogue include mineral water. Bottled water should be warmed in a 2 times a day for 20-30 minutes before eating, drinking big gulps. Course duration 1 month.